Ergonomic working in the home office

Ergonomic working in the home office     

How can you design and promote ergonomic working in the home office? Working from home offers many advantages. You benefit from more flexibility and an individual workplace. But when it comes to health and safety, this new form of work requires a rethink, as employees are no longer physically present in the office.    


Ergonomic working – teleworking or mobile working?    

When talking about ergonomic working in the home office, the terms teleworking and mobile working are often used. However, these are not synonyms, but two different concepts.  

In teleworking, which is also legally defined, the employer sets up a workplace for the employee in his or her private area. There is also the possibility of switching between the workplace in the company and the home office. Teleworking is also subject to the Workplace Ordinance.

Mobile working, on the other hand, describes working with one’s own devices, such as a tablet, laptop or computer outside the company. In this case, the employee is responsible for setting up his or her own workplace. The term “mobile working” has not yet been legally defined.    

Employers must fulfil their protection obligations for both teleworking and mobile working. Regardless of which home office form you choose, the Working Hours Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act must always be observed. Furthermore, the furnishing of the workplace is fundamental for productive work in the home office.   


Ergonomic working in the home office     

You can use a variety of means to work ergonomically in a home office. First of all, you need a suitable and quiet room in which you feel comfortable. You should make sure that the room temperature is pleasant, that there is plenty of light, that the view from the window is as good as possible and that the desk is large. In addition, there are other generally applicable criteria that you should consider so that working from home is healthy and productive.    


Ergonomic furniture and work materials     

Setting up the workplace ergonomically does not have to be difficult. The office chair should be individually adjustable and the employee’s eyes should be able to look straight ahead at the screen. An ergonomic desk helps to ensure a comfortable working posture. The chair and the desk should not restrict legroom, as the freedom of movement of the legs contributes significantly to the feeling of well-being at the workplace. Also, make sure that the keyboard and mouse meet ergonomic criteria. It is also a good idea to use a separate mouse when working on a laptop.   


Define working hours and tasks    

Get up later, no rush hour and no long ride on a crowded train. Employees can really save time in the home office. But how does this affect working hours?  In fact, many employees report significantly higher productivity. However, it is important here to supplement the initial exuberance of teleworking with realistic expectations and defined working hours. Because employees can quickly overexert themselves with the extra time they gain. So set fixed working hours or a defined duration of work beforehand. Agreeing on breaks also helps to structure the working day. If possible, workers should also leave the room, go for a walk or retreat to a place of wellbeing.    


Avoiding psychological stress    

Psychological stress should be avoided in every working relationship. In the home office, one of the challenges is not being able to maintain physical contact. Here it is helpful to assign a responsible person to the employees for their worries and needs. You should also pay attention to daily communication within the team. While some people enjoy the freedom of mobile working, others may feel overwhelmed by it. Open and honest communication helps to ensure that the whole team is doing well, which in turn strengthens the company and boosts productivity.   


Learning from the professionals  

The companies that have the most experience with occupational safety and ergonomic working in the home office are those that have been dealing with remote working models and working from home for many years and live the philosophy of remote work themselves. On the website of NewWorkLife, for example, you can find helpful information and tips on the topic of remote work as well as a blog series in which German remote companies regularly introduce themselves – including outsourcing4work 

As a partner, consultant and mediator of IT professionals and provider of cost-efficient BPO solutions, we have been working 100% remotely for many years and are one of the oldest and largest German remote companies. Ergonomic working in the home office is also a major concern for our company. We are happy to share our many years of experience in workplace design with you. Visit our website to learn more about outsourcing4work.


Remote work as an opportunity for climate protection

How the environment benefits from remote work  

When the Corona pandemic broke out in Germany in spring 2020, remote work was more present than ever before. Many employees now work from home and have a home office.

In the meantime, we can see the positive changes remote work has had on companies. Parallel to this, the many positive influences of this development on the environment or climate protection can be seen. Among other things, remote work helps to save energy, Coand to minimize paper and waste consumption.


More sustainability in the home office    

The extent to which remote work and working from home are more sustainable and have a positive impact on climate protection becomes clear in the following points:

Saving energy 

It is not new knowledge that many electronic devices are needed in an office building, and that these usually run in standby mode or are even in operation 24 hours per day. Printers and coffee machines are rarely switched off, and in many offices the lights are on all day. 

This is different in the home office. The mere awareness that one is in one’s own four walls triggers a rethink in many people. The coffee machine and the light, for example, are only switched on when they are needed.

Reducing Co2 emissions  

Daily journeys to work are no longer necessary, and the use of public transport is also reduced. This fact is probably the most obvious when thinking about remote work and home office.

Greenpeace has evaluated the effects this has on CO2 emissions from transport in a study. It says that emissions can be reduced by 5.4 million tons per year if only 40 per cent of employees do remote work permanently two days a week.

Furthermore, with two fixed days per week in the home office, up to 21 billion fewer passenger kilometers are driven per year. As seen in 2020, this elimination of kilometers driven also affects petrol prices. The demand for crude oil has fallen worldwide and prices have been at a low level as a result. 

Another significant CO2 saving from remote work and working from home was the reduction in air travel. Many more meetings are now held online, which also has a positive effect on the climate and the air.

Separate waste  

It is often incomprehensible that something works in your own four walls but not in an office community. Waste separation is one such issue. This is probably due to the fact that in one’s own four walls, more attention is paid to the correct separation of waste, whereas in an open-plan office, for example, things sometimes end up in the wastepaper basket that do not belong there.

In terms of saving waste, working from home has another advantage. Common water dispensers or coffee machines that dispense drinks in plastic cups are rarely found at home. This means that a lot of plastic and disposable waste can be avoided.

Saving paper  

Remote work has another positive effect on saving paper. Due to the decentralized work of the employees, digital signatures and digital filing have finally become part of everyday office life. Printing documents is often no longer necessary and only what is absolutely needed on paper should be printed. Paper documents that are passed from desk to desk internally and then filed and archived in folders are a thing of the past with remote working models.


Environmentally friendly for many years  

Outsourcing4work – remote solutions has been working 100% remotely for many years and is therefore environmentally friendly. In this way, we make a sustainable contribution to climate protection. However, we do not just keep our experience in the field of functioning remote work to ourselves. As a partner, consultant and mediator of IT specialists and provider of back office outsourcing solutions, we help our customers to successfully integrate remote employees or entire teams into the company and to make the best possible use of the opportunities offered by remote work.

If you also want to rely on remote work with our cost-efficient staffing solutions and thus also make a contribution to climate protection, then contact us for free initial consultation!


Advantages of remote work for IT startups

Remote work for IT startups is a topic that startup entrepreneurs should definitely address.
As a startup, you are often at a point where growth would be possible but is slowed down due to a lack of capacity. This is exactly the point where it makes sense – especially as an IT startup – to use the possibilities of remote work and to hire the required IT specialists quickly and easily via a competent partner. Here, we would like to remind you of the most important advantages of remote work. After all, you want your start-up to grow, become firmly established in the market, and be fit for the future!  

Remote work for IT startups – these are the advantages you should know about 

Competence & Flexibility

The first two benefits of remote work for IT startups are the points of competence and flexibility. Let’s say your startup is planning to launch a new service or product in the market. You realize that the competencies of your skilled employees are tied to ongoing operations. Finding and hiring a new employee would be timeconsuming and, more importantly, would take capacity away from daily operations. The agility of your company could suffer massively. With an experienced partner and specialist in remote work at your side, you get the competence and flexibility you need. The outsourcing4work team has access to over 5,000 permanent IT professionals and can provide you with exactly the specialists you currently need to drive the growth of your startup within two to four weeks. This way, you and your team can continue to work in a future-oriented manner and focus on your core competencies. By working with us, on the one hand, no internal resources in the form of time and personnel are diverted from daily operations, and on the other hand, you remain flexible in regards to the IT specialists you need and can rely on the expertise of a renowned partner.   


Costs & Security   

Advantage number three is the issue of costs. Let’s take the above example of a new service or product again. Hiring an IT specialist on-site at your company would drive up fixed costs significantly and is one employee enough for your project? The engagement of remote IT specialists quickly turns these fixed costs into variable and, above all, plan able costs. You will be billed by the minute, there are no ancillary wage costs, and you also save on the room costs that would be incurred by additional employees on site.   

The fourth advantage concerns the issue of security. A new employee usually needs time to find his way into the job. Internal processes have to be learned and the familiarization with the project needs time and again internal resources. With a partner like outsourcing4work, you have access to a well-rehearsed digital infra and communication structure. Not only do you get the right IT specialist for your plans, but you also have a “well-established team” at your side in the background, which makes it easier for you to integrate the remote employee into your existing team and to work on your project. In this way, the time component can also be planned and implemented safely. Another advantage in terms of security is that with outsourcing4work you work with a German company and all contracts are concluded according to German contract law.   


Together towards the goal: Free initial consultation 

You now know the most important advantages of remote work for IT startups. Our customers have been benefiting from exactly these advantages for many years. We work with a future-oriented model, with integrity and, above all, agile. Exactly these points also bring advantages for your projects and help you to realize the growth you are aiming for. Rely on a cost-efficient and flexible staffing solution with our remote model and benefit from our many years of experience in remote work.  

Make an appointment for a free initial consultation now!  

Remote IT employees for startups

Home office as market advantage: how start-ups benefit from remote IT employees

More and more young companies are focusing on remote IT employees – and there are good reasons for this. 
Small budget, a handful of employees, but big goals: Young founders usually have innovative ideas, but few resources to put them into practice. This is where hands-on mentality is needed. Motivated and competent employees are one of the most important prerequisites for the success of the start-up. These days, know-how in IT is indispensable.   

With the boost of digital technologies, our working world has also turned 180 degrees. Huge office spaces and physical presence are often no longer necessary. Teams can now work on joint projects from anywhere in the world. Cloud-based documents, communication via chat groups and video calls have become the norm.  Remote IT employees offer many advantages, especially for start-ups. 


Success factor remote work: Remote IT employees offer these advantages for start-ups: 

  • Unlimited choice of IT specialists  
    Whether it’s UX design, Sharepoint or SAP – for every program there are IT specialists who master the technology up to the smallest detail. But the respective experts are not always available locally. In many regions, companies often have a hard time recruiting qualified IT employees. Thanks to remote work, geographical restrictions are a thing of the past. Via cloud software and with the right communication tools, you can collaborate with the best IT specialists worldwide.   
  • Lower costs for rent & co.  
    Companies in the early stages usually only have a small budget. Why should you spend scarce resources on rent and utilities?  By relying on decentralized teams as a start-up, you save costs for office space. The resources you gain in this way can in turn be invested in your product, in marketing and in qualified IT staff, taking your company to the next level
  • Motivated and committed teams 
    Many people have a half hour or longer to commute to their workplace every day. If travel times, traffic jams and waiting for delayed trains are eliminated, there is more time for leisure, family and relaxation. But it’s not just your employees who benefit from a better work-life balance. Balanced and motivated employees perform significantly better and manage their tasks more effectively. Start-ups in particular rely on quick results and an efficient way of working. Another advantage is that most employees appreciate the trust they receive from their employers. They return this appreciation in the form of commitment and passion for their own job. 
  • Teamwork & regular exchange  
    Of course, decentralized working does not only bring advantages. Personal contact is more rare in the home office, but it is irreplaceable for team building. However, chat groups, messenger and conference tools enable spontaneous and personal exchange. Even complex issues can be discussed and clarified in online meetings. Using cloud software and file sharing, digital teams can collect ideas together and give each other feedback at short notice. 
  • Digital working at the cutting edge  
    Paperwork, paper waste and cluttered warehouses have no chance in remote companies. Only the bare essentials are printed out, because most of the work happens in the Cloud. In this way, start-ups exploit the potential of modern technology from the very beginning and also make an ecological contribution. All work processes are optimized for remote work. This eliminates time-consuming digitalization and transformation debates.    


Are you looking for qualified IT professionals?

We at outsourcing4work are experts for remote teams. We have been working 100% remotely ourselves for years. In the meantime, we are more than 100 employees living in 17 countries and working together successfully, thanks to a well-established digital infra and communication structure. With our years of experience and know-how, we help our customers in finding the right IT professionals and successfully integrating remote IT employees into companies. Within the shortest possible time, we provide you with experienced IT specialists from India, so that your start-up can also be on the road to success. 

Learn more about our services now and arrange for a free consultation!

Save Resources Efficiently - Professionally Outsource Image Editing Now
Remote IT services - Flexible and Future-proof Thanks to Reliable IT Experts

Digitalisation, is not a dream of the future – we are right in the middle of it. New or changing customer expectations and new technologies pose challenges for companies. Especially when financial and human resources are limited, it becomes difficult to cope with the digital transformation on your own or it is a problem for young start-up companies to manage the daily tasks in the IT department or even a functioning IT department Build infrastructure. 

Flexible and reliable – remote IT experts for your digital transformation 

With the IT experts from outsourcing4work, you will be able to advance the digital transformation in your company or build a functioning IT infrastructure from scratch. We are your competent and experienced partner in the placement and coordination of trained and certified IT experts who, thanks to the agile remote model, can support your company within a very short time. But pure IT companies can also use the “outsourcing” principle for themselves and thus accelerate the growth of their own company. 

Your advantage: our experience 

In 2021 we can look back on more than 27 years of experience and celebrate numerous success stories. Together with you, we analyze your current situation and define your requirements. As your competent consultant in personnel matters, we will find perfectly fitting, qualified candidates. We can fall back on over 5,000 permanent IT employees and experienced specialists for business process outsourcing. 

Your service provider for professional IT 

From our experience, we know about the high level of training and qualifications of IT specialists from India. A high level of qualification and reliability of the specialists placed is just as important to us as their optimal work-life balance. We ensure this by creating a basis of attractive working conditions, interesting training opportunities, and high-income opportunities for our specialists. 

Flexible and agile – 100 percent remote  

Together with you, we will advance the digital transformation in your company. As a 100 percent remote company, we know what is important and live the philosophy of successful remote work every day. Since not only our customers but also the market is developing, we analyze our digital processes and optimize them according to our findings. We therefore always remain agile and flexible in order to be able to ensure the economic success of our customers. 

Customized IT solutions for your company 

Our philosophy of reaching the goal together is reflected in our targeted approach to the wishes and needs of our customers. Accordingly, we do not offer ready-made measures off the peg, but put together our service package individually for you: 

  • Professional and highly qualified: We work with over 5,000 permanent IT experts and find the right candidates who can support your business within a very short time.
  • Flexible and agile: As a 100 percent remote company, we know what is important. As your partner, we react promptly, flexibly and transparently to emerging challenges without incurring unnecessary costs. Benefit from our flexibility. Our experienced IT coordinators ensure that everything runs smoothly and accompany you from the first meeting to the successful completion of the project.
  • Cost-efficient and responsible: Companies that are still developing or are in the process of digital transformation must keep an eye on their costs. Thanks to our modern remote model, our IT experts can support you particularly cost-effectively. The experienced IT coordinators mentioned above, who will support you throughout the entire project, are included in the cost package. 

Are you interested in our extensive IT services and want to find out more? Our experts will be happy to advise you and clarify open questions as part of a free initial consultation! 

Save Resources Efficiently - Professionally Outsource Image Editing Now

For numerous companies, image editing is one of the particularly annoying and time-consuming tasks in day-to-day business. Editing hundreds of images and photos can also be a mammoth task for photographers and operators of online shops. So that you can use your existing resources optimally and efficiently, it is advisable to outsource time-consuming work steps such as image editing. Outsourcing4work offers you a professional image editing service with trained specialists in the field of digital image editing, retouching or even restoration.

Image Editing Service – Remote Solutions for Start-Ups

Start-ups and young companies, in particular, have to be particularly careful with their financial and human resources: Small teams are working flat out to drive further growth – funds are tight. For a professional external presentation with a website, press material, and advertisements, however, high-quality images are essential. Thanks to a modern remote solution, we offer your company professional support from over 300 permanent employees and cover a wide range of different image editing tasks.

Professional Image Editing for Advertising Agencies, Brokers, and Online Shop Operators

Image editing is also one of the time-consuming routine tasks for brokers and online shop operators. Nonetheless, both companies rely on good visual material. In online shops, good and convincing image material contributes to a large extent to the customer’s purchase decision. And in the real estate sector, too, convincing image material, which the potential customer can use to get an overview of a property, is one of the cornerstones of a well-thought-out business model. With outsourcing4work you can outsource your company’s image editing tasks professionally and cost-effectively. Thanks to our future-oriented remote model, you benefit from an established, digital infrastructure and communication structure as well as our many years of experience. We are your competent partner in BPO services and work with you to achieve your goals.

Time for the essentials – professional image editing for photographers

Photographers earn their living producing photographic material. However, especially with larger quantities of photos that need to be edited, photographers as one-man companies reach their capacity limits – however, for reasons of the cost they cannot take the help of larger companies. In this case, outsourcing4work’s image editing service will support you. With our trained specialists, we ensure professional image editing of your photo material, ensure fast processing, short communication channels, and offer high cost-efficiency.

100 percent remote – maximum efficiency for your professional image editing

During our almost 30-year success story, we have been able to build a well-rehearsed digital infrastructure that enables short communication channels and enables us to meet your requirements in the field of professional image editing quickly and through the use of specialists. As a 100 percent remote company, we live the philosophy of successful remote work every day.

As a customer, you benefit from a consistently high level of quality at attractive costs and a larger selection of trained specialists.

We are your partner for professional and cost-efficient image editing and we support you right from the start. Inquire about our services now without obligation – our competent experts will be happy to advise you!

7 tips for successful onboarding

For many companies, it is a challenge to convert the function of an activity into a home office. One of the main goals is therefore onboarding, the professional training of a new remote employee.

With “take on board” companies pursue the goal of informing their remote employees about the limits of their area of ​​activity. As part of this, they should in particular become familiar with the internal processes and their interactions. Also what behavior is expected of you in relation to company policy and the work environment.

The following practices have been developed for a successful onboarding strategy.

1. Organize and develop an onboarding plan

-This documented process should be given to future remote employees before starting work. In addition, this process should be repeatable and consistent.

The onboarding plan should include goals through the first week. It can take the form of a checklist. Such a to-do list is effective because progress can be tracked. These ‘checklists’ should also be available to employees in the home office in the correct order.

2. Introduce the company to the new remote employees

Almost every company faces a unique challenge when it comes to bringing new remote employees on board. This is partly because there is no physical office. However, that does not mean that it is not possible to do this virtually.

The challenges of “onboarding” can be easily mastered through virtual communication. Some ways to connect with each other are virtual tours, meetings, and presentations. Companies can send detailed documentation, videos, and presentations about the values ​​and norms, the history, and about the entire team.

3. The team should also introduce themselves

Remote workers cannot experience the interaction of a typical office environment. The nature of their work can make them feel isolated in the home office.

During the familiarization process, however, remote employees can be guided through the office hierarchy one after the other. They can be introduced to the various team members via video or audio calls and various real-time communication applications. This way they feel included and part of the team.

4. Explanation of the most important tools

Working from home also requires the use of several programs that are crucial for the functioning of the company. Remote workers have to log into dozens of apps that they may not be familiar with.

One of the best ways to get off to a quick start with new remote employees is therefore to familiarize them with the necessary tools and to provide them with access to data and options in advance.

Tip: Sending detailed guidelines before onboarding speeds up the training of remote employees considerably.

5. Teach the corporate culture

For new employees who are hired on site, conveying the corporate culture is almost a matter of course. However, it is difficult to transfer this to employees in another location.

When integrating remote employees, it is essential that effective communication is maintained. One way to introduce new employees to the corporate culture is through group meetings, daily check-in of the team leader, and reporting.

Regular team meetings between remote and office workers, as well as progress reports and updates from the CEO, are some of the activities that can motivate employees working from home.

6. Plan regulation in the onboarding process

Working from home means you can be distracted easily, It is, therefore, very important that remote employees follow a plan. In this way, the company can ultimately evaluate the efficiency and success of their onboarding process.

By evaluating the goals set in the onboarding plan, it can be ensured that remote workers are making progress. In addition, management should meet with their remote employees from time to time, both on a professional and personal level.

When the CEO, manager, or even the HR team checks in with their remote workers, they feel involved, involved, and more determined.


7. Joint learning and feedback

The biggest problem with remote workers is participation. For this, special plans and strategies that are relevant for employees working from home should have been drawn up.

The most important job is to keep them motivated and engaged. It can be incredibly useful for the whole team to learn from one another on different opportunities and activities. It can also be emphasized here how important motivation is during training.

Feedback at the end of a certain period of time – for the company as well as for the employee – offers the opportunity to assess how effective the onboarding process has been.

Statistics show: over 69% of employees are likely to stay with a company for the long term if they receive a successful onboarding.

Looking for Remote Software Developers?

Hiring people to work from home can be as challenging as onboarding them, especially if you need highly skilled software developers. outsourcing4work GmbH has been a fixture on the IT market for over 25 years.

Whether you are looking for talented software developers or want to be inspired by a well-structured digital infrastructure, a single request to outsourcing4work (click here) will connect you to the right resources

How Image Editing Services Can Driving Ecommerce Sales

In today’s digital world, digital images play an important role in any e-commerce company, be it for sales or marketing. 

The goal is to grab the attention of customers through the living personification of the brand. Image editing services enable a brand to improve its visual interface and make it look more vibrant and attractive to your customers. 

Using advanced Photoshop techniques, the remote image editors edit and revise the product image by cropping and resizing, image ghosting, straightening, post-exposure, noise reduction, background removal, dodging, color correction, portrait retouching, HallowMan (cropping), photo retouching, and much more. By doing so, you can get high quality and creatively edited displays for your customers. 

Other advantages of using an image editing service: 

  • Vivid and expressive images 
  • Adjusted picture 
  • Improved reusability of images 
  • Improved efficiency 
  • Optimized social media strategy 

Other keybenefits for your e-commerce business: 

  • Edited images improve the overall look of the website 
  • Vivid images become a powerful tool for marketing branding and strategy 
  • Meaningful images on your website will grab the most attention from your customers 
  • Adjusting images adds functionality to the overall product image 
  • You may achieve improved sales and higher income 

The first impression is the last impression 

It is the overall appearance of the product that draws customers’ attention in a second. If the image quality is poor, and the pixels are scattered, customers will discard the decision to buy the product. They think the quality of the product would be of a low standard as well. 

Highquality images create a positive and lasting impression of your brand. 

How Image Editing Services Are Driving Ecommerce Sales 

Digital purchase decisions are largely influenced by product images. According to e-marketers, Germany’s digital advertising spending has seen double-digit growth over the past 3 years. Despite the pandemic and economic bottlenecks, it is estimated that buyers of digital ads in Germany will spend 0.8% more this year than in 2019. 

When promoting an online shop, in particular, it is essential to use an optimized product image for better results. Simply uploading an unedited photo will certainly not lead to maximum clicks and attention. There are plenty of software tools available online. However, in order to achieve the maximum optimization of the product image, companies should choose an image processing service provider as the cost of an image is not determined by any currency, but by management, workflow competence, processing time, image quality, and reputation. Overall, these factors play a vital role when it comes to driving more ecommerce sales to the website.  

Click here to get to know our services in more detail. 

Remote work for people with illness and disabilities

Employers have finally realized that remote work works, as it increases the productivity and efficiency of their company.  

How remote work opens doors for people with illness or disabilities

For people with severe disabilities, working from home using a computer can be a real asset. If their chances of finding a suitable work environment have been impaired, remote work offers considerable advantages. Flexible working hours and individual working conditions mean that this new era of ‘telework’ offers a wealth of opportunities for disabled workers.  

Remote work offers flexibility

The physical way to work has been difficult, if not impossible, for people with illnesses and disabilities. Finding remote employment is now becoming noticeably easier for them thanks to the home office alternative.  

Remote working for sick and disabled people means they no longer have to worry about how they make their way to work. If they are bedridden or have difficulty moving every day, this is no longer an issue.  

Career paths that may not have been achievable in the past are now more accessible than ever. Remote employees with a handicap no longer feel excluded from the world of work. A suitable time and attendance schedules enable them to take their needs better into account and to work very successfully.  

The possibility of remote work also creates a corporate culture in a company that honors its strengths. People with disabilities often have advantages because they are used to getting involved in something new more often.  

Sick and disabled people are increasingly enjoying the ability to define their work module and feel able to act as a result. This also reduces employee absenteeism and stress while improving a company’s productivity and efficiency. Time-oriented work is nothing unusual for people with chronic illnesses, as they are often forced to stick to fixed schedules.  

Remote work promotes mental health

Companies had to recognize that productivity and mental health improvements at the same time when workers can enjoy a healthy work-life balance in the home office.  

People with a handicap have long been campaigning for their integration into the remote working world. The COVID-19 pandemic has finally turned the way people with disabilities can work in the right direction.  

Reduces stigma

One of the toughest social pressures is the stigma attached to people with disabilities. They are categorically viewed as incompetent and society associates them with a constant need for help. Such a lack of cultivation often makes work inaccessible for disabled people.  

Difficult times during illness or disability can sometimes make commuting problematic, work impossible, verbal responses a struggle, immediate answers are impossible, etc. However, working from home allows enough flexibility to address all of these difficulties.  

Our history

At outsourcing4work we understand that life can be challenging for people with chronic illnesses and disabilities.  

The founder and CEO of outsourcing4work, Khalid Nadeem Arif, suffers from CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), chronic pain syndrome, and severe sleep apnea syndrome. Even the classification as severely disabled GdB 80 and a care level of 2 does not prevent him from leading a successful, 100% remote working team that extends across the globe.  

We strongly believe that nothing is stopping our remote workers from thriving with home office jobs and the right cohesive culture, technology, and talent.  

At outsourcing4work we can help you with flexible work options. You can find more information about us here on our website.