outsourcing einer virtuellen Assistenz

Do you already use a virtual assistant in online marketing to realize your plans?  

The topic of virtual assistants has grown immensely in recent years, especially in online marketing. Online marketing is one of the most multi-faceted areas of marketing activities. It makes sense to use the skills and knowledge of an external virtual assistant for various tasks. In this blog, you will find out how and in which activities you can specifically use a virtual assistant for your online marketing.

Outsourcing as a turbo booster for your online marketing  

The topics in online marketing are in a constant and explosive process of change and new trends and strategies are appearing all the time. Online marketing is the fastest moving discipline in the marketing field. Smaller companies or marketing departments are often not equipped with the necessary know-how in this field or lack the time to deal intensively with this area. So that you don’t have to run behind the rapid changes, it makes sense to specifically outsource this area of activity to a virtual assistant with expertise in online marketing.

From strategy to search engines to content marketing

In online marketing, however, it is also true that not everyone can know or be able to do everything. This makes it all the more sensible to divide up specific areas and hand them over to virtual assistant specialists.

A foundation stone for your success in the coming months and years can be laid as early as the strategy development stage. A virtual assistant with this area of expertise will consider which measures, channels, and concepts are optimal for your company. Based on your goals and target group, a strategy is then developed and a concept is created on how, when, and where you should specifically appear in online marketing.

With the insights of the virtual assistant from the strategy planning, you can specifically filter out and determine in which areas of online marketing you need support.

A virtual assistant can not only take work off your hands in terms of a comprehensive online marketing strategy but can also act in a supportive manner when it comes to short-lived tasks such as an email campaign or research. By working with a virtual assistant, you can focus more on your day-to-day business and your daily core tasks.


Besides activities in online marketing, you can also use a virtual assistant in many other areas:


  • General administrative tasks
  • Composing and answering e-mails
  • Updating your company website or online portfolio
  • Organizing your calendar (appointments, meetings, etc.)
  • Maintaining your network, e.g. on LinkedIn
  • Writing proposals and customer acquisition
  • Social media management
  • Design
  • Human resources management tasks
  • IT-related tasks
  • Taking minutes of virtual meetings
  • Helping out in private life


Find a competent virtual assistant for your online marketing:
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