Take a look at outsourcing

More and more companies are presenting their products and services online, no matter if they are active in the B2C or in the B2B sector. In the wake of the growing online business and digital buying, electronic product catalogues are gaining importance. Goods must be well-displayed with informative and detailed product descriptions. Online catalogues must be available on the PC, tablet, or smartphone and constantly be kept up to date. And this effort pays off: electronic product catalogues save companies both time and money. Ideally, you are even able to be entered into the ERP system of supplier and purchaser which makes orders even simpler and easier to manage.

Don’t make your staff create catalogues. Use a specialised service provider!

There is a lot of work awaiting a shop operator before an online catalogue can be released. Creating online catalogues should not be underestimated: product research, editing photos, writing text, data entry and much more. And then what follows: catalogue management, maintaining the catalogue, data conversion, inspection and release of the catalogue data by merchants or suppliers – these are all important but time consuming tasks that require a great deal of concentration. Mistakes can also easily creep in when creating a catalogue and editing the information, as proofreading takes time and is boring. My tip: when creating a catalogue have all these tasks done by a professional!

India is the perfect outsourcing market for back office work such as creating catalogues

In the area of business process outsourcing (BPO) there are numerous specialised service providers who efficiently work on tasks such as catalogue creation, online research, catalogue management or data research. Their high level of expertise will bring about quick and excellent results. Many of these professional service providers in business process outsourcing (BPO) are based in India. India is the top outsourcing market in the world. The good value for money is what makes this cooperation especially interesting. Thanks the different salary levels in India, processing tasks is much cheaper than if companies in your own countries do them, or if companies use their own employees to create a catalogue. You will not need to worry about any linguistic or cultural differences: partner companies such as outsourcing4work GmbH will support you in all aspects of cooperation with Indian companies, and will follow the entire project from beginning to end.

The benefits of business process outsourcing at a glance:

  • Lets you concentrate on your core business
  • Cost transparency
  • Cost-efficiency and savings
  • Tax deductible expenses in the form of cost outsourcing benefits
  • Increased quality through expertise and the technical equipment of the provider
  • Minimising your own risk
  • Handling by German project manager