Visual FoxPro developers are primarily used today for migration or to expand existing systems. The RAD programming environment for data-centric applications was originally developed by Fox Software from 1984 onwards, and later by Microsoft after a takeover in 1992. The last official version was released in 2007, and Microsoft discontinued product support at the beginning of 2015.

Visual FoxPro is still popular thanks to its very powerful integrated relational database system, and is still used at many companies. Visual FoxPro developers often take over tasks such as maintaining existing software applications, the further development of software architecture and preparing a technical migration to another platform.

Proprietary applications in the business sector which are developed with Visual FoxPro are often expensive proprietary developments which can only be replaced under considerable financial and human strain. This is often not worthwhile for companies, as the technical functionality of Visual FoxPro applications are still relevant, and you can easily connect to other systems via extensions and interfaces.

Because Visual FoxPro software can cope with built-in databases, as well as with SQL databases (thanks to ODBC and ADO), there is still enough flexibility for the foreseeable future. And Visual FoxPro developer still have many more extensions available to use.

Visual FoxPro developers in Europe

The developer community in Europe is still very active because individual solutions are developed and maintained by various companies. A yearly developer conference still takes place which combines .NET and Xbase++ professionals with Visual FoxPro experts.

You will also still find sufficient Visual FoxPro developers, although the market has thinned out a bit over the last few years. The next generation is lacking, and many young developers are relying mainly on extensive .NET experience. Pure Visual FoxPro developers are now very rare, because those remaining are undergoing further training – especially in .NET.

Their salaries are therefore correspondingly high. Visual FoxPro developers are mostly senior and usually have considerable experience. It can therefore be costly to replace retiring Visual FoxPro developers or to strengthen an existing team.

Outsourcing by Visual FoxPro developers in India

Fortunately for companies, there are many good outsourcing options nowadays for IT projects. The internet boom over the last twenty has brought even distant countries such as China and India into the game. While earlier local branches were necessary in order to profit from offshore outsourcing, there are now a large number of possibilities for digital collaboration over distance. And decentralised developer teams are also becoming more common in Europe. Indian IT professionals are therefore an affordable option for the skills shortage in Europe – such as for Visual FoxPro.

Indian developers enjoy a good reputation, even if there are a few cultural differences between the countries. The country has a population in the billions, and its focus on IT means that it can offer high-calibre professionals for rare technologies in large numbers. The question is more how to find a matching profile, and not if one exists.

This is where outsourcing4work and its India-expertise comes into play. We can procure excellent Visual FoxPro developers and professionals from other areas as outsourcing employees for you. Thanks to the lower wages in India, you can save significantly on costs. With a comprehensive approach that includes a Scrum project manager at the ready, you will always be on the safe side. We will recruit according to your exact specifications, coordinate the project at a distance, and also take over payment. You just conclude the contract with us as a European company, and we take care of the rest.