business process outsourcing (BPO) to India

Anyone can afford a virtual secretary thanks to business process outsourcing (BPO) to India. There is an almost endless number of professional BPO providers in the Asian country, all of who offer their services at low rates.

India benefits from a number of factors which other developing countries can’t. First and foremost, Indians have great English skills, at least the ones with a university education. These are a huge help for international cooperation, just like a greater cultural proximity and familiarity with Western practices and working methods. As a former colony and established democracy, India found it easier to enter the global collaborative economy faster and earlier.

While China revolutionised the area of industrial production and became the workbench of the world in the last twenty years, India has specialised in IT services for quite some time. Currently, India’s share of the international outsourcing market is 55% – the country is the undisputed market leader.

Virtual secretary: your personal assistant on call

A virtual secretary can be found very easily thanks to the number of Indian BPO providers. There is a variety of agencies and individual specialists with many years of experience in this field. When looking for suitable workers it is extremely important to find your way around the jungle of employers and to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The specific requirements for a virtual secretary differ from case to case. It is not necessarily easy to find the right profile with the best mix of skills. There are many fields that a virtual secretary can be used in, and every employer has different areas of focus.

In addition to textual work such as proofreading, transcription and simple translations, you can also use a virtual secretary for answering emails and the phone. A virtual secretary can also be useful for internet research, especially if it concerns looking for a lot of information from multiple websites at the same time. These tasks could include anything from competition analysis, simple data extraction which is then entered into Excel spreadsheets, or any collaboration software.

Some clients outsource specific social media activities to a virtual secretary if they do not have enough time to maintain their profile themselves and they are unable to hire a separate social media manager. The virtual secretary is then responsible for the supervision and managing of various profiles. They can pass on important feedback from your contacts and the virtual secretary will make sure that there are regularly new posts.

These are just a few examples of traditional areas where you can use a virtual secretary. However, creativity knows no limits. You will only need to find a qualified person who will work for you at the rates you specify. Thanks to the low Indian salaries, this is not especially complicated.

You then will no longer need to do these tasks yourself, and have more free time for tasks that are more complex and interesting.

How to find a virtual secretary in India

If you are interested in a virtual personal assistant from India, then we at outsourcing4work can help you find one who is qualified and affordable at the same time. Just share the specific details with us – we will take care of the rest.

In addition to the research and procurement of Indian professionals, we also ensure that all tasks are properly performed with the help of our project managers. You will not need to worry about the contracts with the Indian partners, or payment details. We take over these and full responsibility as a European company, and as your direct contract partner.