Nowadays, you are starting to hear the phrase ‘my virtual assistant’ more and more often. Personal assistants are now a huge trend in business process outsourcing. If this is a new concept to you, here is a short overview.

A virtual assistant is the modern incarnation of a secretary, but they go far beyond that. As you can already tell, virtual assistants work entirely online and can therefore be flexibly used. There is a wide range of possible projects, areas of expertise and services that a virtual assistant can be used for. While nearly all secretaries will work either part-time or full-time, online assistants can easily work on an hourly basis or for specific projects and tasks.

My virtual assistant’- interested?

Virtual assistants are both all-round employees and specialists. There are a number of general areas in which virtual assistants are especially popular.

  • Excel data work
  • Maintaining a blog according to your specifications on new content, updates and comment administration
  • Answering emails and telephone calls
  • Social media activities: regular posts and answering user comments
  • Text-based work in English: transcription, simple translations, proofreading and writing SEO articles
  • Travel planning: booking flights, accommodation and research into all important travel details
  • Internet research for specific products and comprehensive information
  • Data extraction from websites and other online sources
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations with suitable images, consistent formatting and transition effects according to your specifications

Virtual assistants are also used for very specific tasks in addition to these rather general ones. Whether or not this works depends on if you find the suitable person for the job, one who is willing to work for the salary you offer.

Thanks to modern communication means it is no longer difficult to coordinate across distance. All the details will be clarified in an introductory and training period. You can then coordinate with your personal online workers via email, chat and online collaboration tools. There are many of them – Evernote, Trello and Basecamp are just three of the many platforms that you can use in your browser. Thanks to mobile apps this can also be done from your smartphone while on the go.

My virtual assistant’ – we help you get started

outsourcing4work can find you a suitable online assistant from India for your exact requirements. The sector for business process outsourcing is booming in the Asian country. For cost reasons many companies use online assistants located in India. Providers from other countries are not able to compete when it comes to the quality of service on offer.

Just tell us what you require and we will find the right employee for you within a very short time. You will not need to concern yourself with any payment or technical coordination. We, as your European contract partner, will be responsible for it and guarantee reliable results.