Virtual Assistant from India Sitting

A virtual assistant can be a great help to everyone, although these online professionals generally work for smaller companies. However, many professionals and even private clients are starting to take advantage of this service.

A virtual assistant can provide a big boost in creativity for many fields. And thanks to the very global market of online workers, an assistant doesn’t have to be expensive. Business process outsourcing (BPO) has been experiencing a real boom lately, and is becoming a leader in many areas. This is especially true for Indian providers – the Asian country is better represented in the global IT outsourcing market than any other county, with a 55% market share.

Virtual assistant – flexible workforce for various tasks

Usually a virtual assistant works in the business sector and supports clients in simple, often repetitive tasks that can be time consuming. Everything is coordinated on the internet and is completed on a task basis or at agreed-upon times. Working time can vary from a few hours a month up to nearly full-time employment; it just depends on the needs of the client.

This flexibility is one of the major advantages of a virtual assistant, as well as the low salary costs. You can flexibly choose what tasks the virtual assistant should take over, once a suitable one has been found. When using specialists, it could be worthwhile to hire multiple virtual assistants with special expertise.

Some of the usual tasks given to a personal assistant are things such as internet searches for information, text-based work, travel planning or traditional secretarial work such as answering emails and the telephone, as well as scheduling appointments. Some core competencies include excellent online expertise, skilful use of Office software and productivity tools and good language and communication skills.

Research, data and text-based work are especially sought after by clients. Transcription, proofreading, simple translations or SEO services are very time-consuming tasks that can be easily delegated to a virtual assistant with the right qualifications.

Finding and getting to know a personal assistant

If you are looking for a virtual assistant, it can be difficult to find the right one. This is not to a lack of workers, but rather a surplus of average ones. It can be hard for newcomers to the market to separate the wheat from the chaff and not spend too much time finding an assistant.

Once you have found the right candidate, then you will need to communicate and precisely define the tasks that need to be done. There is then usually a short training period to explain how to use the necessary programs, websites and other services. This aspect is often overlooked due to the lack of experience in dealing with online workers.

If the virtual assistant is well-qualified, professional and gets the client’s approval, they can work very flexibly. Communication takes place via email, video chats and online collaboration tools.

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