Working Virtual Assistant from india

A virtual assistant is the modern version of a traditional secretary, yet covers a much wider spectrum of tasks and is also much more flexible. Thanks to the large difference in salary between Europe and low-wage countries like India, individual entrepreneurs can now afford their own virtual assistant. Having your own secretary was previously a privilege that not many could afford.

Nowadays, a virtual assistant is an especially sought after role in global business process outsourcing. Their tasks can range from small jobs to complete full-time assistance because the online assistant will bill hourly.

In contrast to a traditional secretary, you can find a virtual assistant with specialised skills. The flexible employment makes it possible to hire multiple online assistants with specific expertise, rather than one full-time assistant. You can even hire them for recurring tasks each week that only take a few hours to complete. This type of specialised virtual assistant usually works for several clients and arranges their weekly schedule accordingly.

Numerous uses: a virtual assistant is usually a specialist

You can easily find an all-rounder with years of experience for traditional office jobs. Many office jobs in the modern business world are the same across industries and communication and the skilful handling of information and data stands at the heart of most of them.

Extensive internet research can also be easily handed over to a professional. This is especially helpful if entire lists of products, companies, sources of information or topics need to be worked through, which means that you can evaluate them in the second step, thus saving you significant amounts of time.

Simple social media activities can also be given to a specialised virtual assistant. They will make regular postings according to your instructions, keep an eye on contact and/or customer reactions and only forward the most important things to you.

Text-based jobs such as proofreading, transcription and simple translations are a bit more complex. But you can find an army of excellently educated professionals who can do this type of work in the content area. This can even include blog maintenance and writing articles in your name or in the name of another. In combination with social media, this results in a great synergy effect.

Some more traditional tasks are answering emails or general inquiries on the telephone. A virtual assistant is a great filter function, just like a traditional secretary. This will greatly reduce the amount of queries sent to you, and you can then concentrate on the most important ones.

If you travel a lot, a virtual assistant can take over the search for flights, accommodation and other information.

Money tip: a virtual assistant from India:

As you can see, you can save a lot of time with an online assistant, time that you can put to better use. You can decide if this extra time is better spent on extra work, or with your family. If you chose to hire a virtual assistant from India, it can be especially worthwhile. In comparison to Europe, the hourly wages in India are a fraction of the cost in Europe, and collaboration over the internet is easy thanks to modern web-based tools. A short training period to explain their role and how to use the necessary programs and online tools is necessary to ensure reliability.

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