Professional shop developers are irreplaceable when entering the e-commerce business. Fortunately, you no longer have to develop an online shop from the ground up these days. There is now a wide range of powerful online shop systems that only need to be placed on a server. A shop developer is usually specialised in one or more of these e-commerce solutions, and will take over most of the complex setup and adjustment according to the needs and wishes of the online shop operator.

Shop developers are specialists

These types of shop interfaces are generally content management systems (CMS) that are specialised in e-commerce. In the small and mid-sized segment especially, the boundaries between online shop software and traditional CMS are fluid: usually online shop operators offer information on products in addition to the pure sales platform, and there is almost always a blog as well. The opposite case is also very common, in which website that were purely information based now want to expand their presence with an online shop.

WordPress, the world’s leading CMS, makes it easy to expand an online shop for shop developers with expansions such as WooCommerce, Jigoshop, wpShopGermany, GetShopped or Shopp. The very same goes for Joomla and Drupal CMS, which are also very popular. VirtueMart, RedShop and Hikashop are available for Joomla, while you can get Drupal Commerce and Ubercart for Drupal.

You will need a shop solution from the professional and enterprise class for very large online shops that should also have B2B features such as an ERP system. Products such as OXID, Shopware, Magento, Intershop and Hybris are used which can manage thousands of products, and are also equipped for high page access numbers.

Shop developers for sales platforms such as these generally charge higher rates, but you will quickly earn that back later in server costs, operation and maintenance.

What tasks should the shop developer take on?

Before signing the contract, consider if the shop developer should only set up the shop software, or if they should also take care of integrating additional modules and putting on the first products. In addition to an ERP system, the shop developer can also set up payment systems, customer service software, billing and accounting functions and taxonomy and category structure.

You may prefer to have your own internal employees do these tasks, and only consult a shop developer if any problems arise.

Indian shop developers are cheaper

Whether you are planning a sophisticated e-commerce project or a simple online shop – in both cases it is worth it to outsource the development to India.

outsourcing4work can provide you with experienced shop developers for every shop system, who will professionally set up your shop system and develop expansions for it as needed.

We can offer you an entire range of IT outsourcing options, from a fixed-price project to an entire team that will work exclusively for you as a type of branch.

We have many years of experience in CMS and e-commerce software, and know exactly what awaits a shop developer. On request, we will also take over the project management and work together with you to create a solid offer with us as your contract partner.

Do you want to open an online shop, but do not know how? Then you should rely on expert advice. Luckily, nowadays almost anyone can easily open a professional internet shop that has the right products. There is now a wide range of good shop software solutions that do not cost as much as they did in the early days of e-commerce.

Opening an internet shop: the two classic routes

If you would like to open an internet shop, you no longer need to spend a lot of time developing it from the ground up. More professional shop software exists than you can count, and there are always new providers with new ideas entering the market. In addition to pure internet shop products, you can also differentiate between e-commerce extensions for content management systems (CMS), but more on that later.

Professional shop software

The most widely used e-commerce shop platform by far is Magento. Magento was initially developed as an open source platform by a company with the same name, and then bought by the online portal EBay in 2011. The parent company has continued to further develop the shop software. According to statistics from W3Techs, Magento runs on more than one percent of all websites, making it top dog in its field. The German shipping pioneer Zalando also used Magento in its earlier years, until it developed its own online shop software.

In addition to Magento, you can also use a number of other providers to open an internet shop. Every system has its pros and cons, even Magento, and you can find a detailed comparison of what suits your segment and brand attached. The better known Magento alternatives include OXID eShop, Hybris, PrestaShop, osCommerce, Shopify, Volusion and BigCommerce. Intershop and Shopware are also two German providers who are popular.

E-commerce extensions for CMS

If you want to open a small to medium sized internet shop and offer extensive content in addition to an online shop, then e-commerce modules for content management systems like WordPress are a good choice. WordPress makes it easy to expand an online shop with expansions such as WooCommerce, GetShopped, Jigoshop, wpShopGermany or Shopp. The most important advantage by far is that you can easily use your website and shop via the convenient interface.

You can also open an internet shop in a similar manner with Joomla or Drupal, also very popular CMS. Joomla has the expansions VirtueMart, RedShop, Hikashop, while Drupal has Drupal Commerce and Ubercart – all exceptional shop systems.

Indian experts: open an internet shop and save money

Setting up an internet shop is usually done by a specialised web agency. If you hand over the work to India, then you will save yourself a lot of money.

You can open your own internet shop with outsourcing4work and the help of an Indian IT professional. We can provide you with certified experts for Magento, Shopware and more, as well as experienced shop developers for WooCommerce and other CMS based shop systems.

We have many years of experience in CMS and e-commerce development, and will find the right partner for you easily in our large network. Our own project managers will manage the specialists to ensure that your ideas are efficiently and quickly implemented. Contracts are concluded with us as a European company, which will provide you with additional legal security

Clever e-commerce outsourcing will let you successfully bring your products online, as well as minimise risk and effort for your company at the same time.

Online customers are becoming more demanding. Large sales platforms such as Amazon or Zalando are not the only ones offering great online sales experiences – this puts the entire sector under pressure. If you as a newcomer are not in a completely niche market, you will need a successful overall concept to be able to compete against the competition.

E-commerce outsourcing with a focus on customer retention

The study “Success Factors in E-Commerce Vol. 5” from ECC in cooperation with dotSource shows in detail what is mandatory for online shops to permanently retain customers with positive shopping experiences. In addition to a customer journey from website up to order completion, the processes after ordering also play an important role for many customers.

The packaging is important, but product quality, on-time delivery and uncomplicated returns are some of the most important criteria for high customer satisfaction. Overall service satisfaction is by far the most essential for successful customer loyalty.

In e-commerce outsourcing you should therefore ensure that innovative services and content offers such as advisors, product videos, product finders/sales consultants or an online community are also part of the package. If you would like to create an online shop using e-commerce outsourcing, you should place high importance on these factors from the very beginning.

Modern shop software such as OXID, Shopware, Magento, Intershop or Hybris offer excellent expansion opportunities for merchandise management systems, returns processing, ticket-based customer service, accounting, optimised marketing with promotions and much more. All of these additional area directly or indirectly affect customer satisfaction, and should be set up by the appropriate IT professionals.

E-commerce outsourcing with logistics and fulfilment service providers

While many shop providers have a specialised outsourcing provider set up their webshop, in specific groups of goods the trend is heading towards e-commerce outsourcing in current shop areas.

For maintenance and online catalogues you can use business process outsourcing and keep your staff costs at a minimum. Even the shipment of goods is not organised by you, but through a logistics service provider who is integrated directly into the shop system through an online interface.

Fulfilment service providers can even hand over areas to specialised companies for e-commerce outsourcing such as warehousing, picking, packaging and returns processing.

Large fulfilment service providers such as arvato even let clients book tailor made services. arvato controls webshop processes such as payment and additional services, such as clothing preparation, for the clothing company Marc O’Polo.

Successful e-commerce outsourcing starts in the online shop

Before you hire an e-commerce outsourcing provider with the task of setting up an online shop, you should first create an overall concept which has additional shop functions in overview. You can then discuss these in detail with the outsourcing provider.

outsourcing4work can provide you with valuable support during this. We have specialised in IT outsourcing to India and can provide you with professional service providers who will professionally create your shop system and will also develop expansions for your online shop as needed.

We can offer you an entire range of IT outsourcing options, from a fixed-price projects, to temporary or dedicated employees, up to an entire team that will work exclusively for you as a type of branch. On request, we will also take over the project management and work together with you to create a solid offer with us as your contract partner.

Before you create a website, you will need to choose the appropriate shop system. Not all shop interfaces are equally suited for sophisticated e-commerce projects, and because online shop developers often have a certain preference, it’s recommended that you take a look at them yourself before choosing one.

Creating a large webshop: shop software for large clients

If you want to create a very large online shop which also permits B2B functions in addition to offering thousands of products, you will need a shop solution from a professional and enterprise level. Products generally favored in this field are OXID, Shopware, Magento, Intershop and Hybris. Spryker is a new provider with an interesting modular approach.

OXID eShop

OXID eShop is good scalable shop software based on PHP with numerous interfaces for additional B2B software and a large number of extensions. In addition to a main shop, many subshops can be centrally managed in a common back end. A flat database structure ensures low server load. Companies that have created a webshop using OXID include CEP Sports and Unilever.


Shopware, which is also based on PHP, relies on extensive marketing features for an impressive buying experience. A particularly user-friendly back end is good for beginners, and promotions, landing pages, banners and further CMS elements can be easily edited and managed. Well-known companies that have used Shopware to create a website include Quartier 206 and Blaupunkt.


Magento is the current market leader among shop systems based on PHP and is often used in very large online shops. Magento leaves nothing to be desired in terms of functionality and expandibility, but can is time-consuming and expensive to set up. You can also expect high costs for the server infrastructure. Thanks to a nearly inexhaustible number of feature enhancements, interfaces, third-party modules and the possibility to integrate SAP and PIM software, Magento is perfect for large companies. Companies that have created a Magento webshop include HAHN+KOLB, Ehapa and Stilwerk.


Intershop is one of the longest established providers of enterprise-level shop software, and offers online shops as a SaaS solution, in addition to a traditional licensing model. Thanks to its Java code base, the shop software is very performant and is very suitable for traditional B2C online shops, as well as B2B areas like multichannel distribution models. It also provides seamless connectivity to third-party systems. Well-known companies that have created a webshop with Intershop include Swarovski and EDEKA.


Hybrid is a veteran among shop systems, just like Intershop. The e-commerce platform, which is marketed by SAP, runs on Java and offers good server performance. Hybrid is even better suited for complex B2B shops than Intershop, and offers advanced personalisation and targeting options, in addition to in-house SAP support and extensive marketing functions. Companies that have created a Hybris webshop include Lufthansa and Adidas.


Spryker is a newcomer among the shop systems, and has only been available for two years. Spryker differentiates itself from other providers by a fully modular approach. It’s not a complete shop solution, but instead a PHP based e-commerce framework which lets developers create very flexible customised shop systems. The set-up effort is correspondingly high. This is rewarded however by a very high scalability and performance. Because the software is still very new, there are almost no references for it, and there are still bugs to be reckoned with.

Creating a website: it is cheaper with Indian professionals

Whether you are planning a sophisticated e-commerce project or a simple online shop – in both cases is is worth it to outsource the development to India.

outsourcing4work can provide you with professional service providers who will professionally set up your shop system, and develop expansions for your online shop as needed. If you would like to expand on an existing webshop, you can also hire an affordable developer.

We can offer you an entire range of IT outsourcing options, from a fixed-price project to an entire team that will work exclusively for you as a type of branch.

If you want to start an online shop, it is not something you can rush into. You need to create a sound project plan for the online shop with all the important details, which will save you trouble later, because when starting an online shop wishes and requirements are often very different. Here is a small selection of some of the important points to note if you are starting an online shop.

What software do you want to use in your online shop?

There are a very large number of various shop solutions which are often focused on e-commerce specialised content management systems (CMS). Magento, which is free and independent, is the market leader in this area and currently runs on more than one per cent of all internet websites. The e-commerce pioneer Ebay stands behind Magento as an established provider who is perfectly well-versed in all facets of e-commerce.

Shop systems such as WooCommerce, wpShopGermany or Getshopped, are just as popular, and are based on CMS WordPress. To start an online shop you also use many other products, although Magento and WordPress are the most popular.

Type of product, logistics and warehousing

Not every shop system is suitable for every type of product. If you want to have your own warehouse you should have a corresponding back end with stock numbers, delivery dates and purchasing management which can be integrated, or built in as seamlessly as possible.  Starting an online shop may seem simple at first, but with high order numbers things can quickly get out of hand.

If you would like to work without a warehouse, you need to make purchasing especially efficient and fluid. Some systems let you have direct access to wholesalers and suppliers, which means your incoming orders will automatically be delivered to your partners.

Classification and category structure

If you start an online shop that only has a small number of products, this is less problematic. If you are planning a large shop with hundreds or thousands of individual products, then it is important to keep up with continuous maintenance of the various product types, categories and all of the associated data. The shop software should enable quick and detailed handling.

Product descriptions and images

There are online shops with simple, text-based listing views, with standardised product pages and simple images, and there are also elaborately designed shops with high-resolution photos, zoom effects or even videos.  There are also various display options for product descriptions and variations, as well as display options.  Which system is the right one for you?

Payment systems and security

Different payment systems can be integrated relatively easily into almost any shop system. Some shop systems offer solutions from a single source which is often better for security. Are credit card payments and PayPal enough? Do you operate on an international level and want to offer other payment options such as bank transfers or cryptocurrency like BitCoin?

CRM and Customer Service

Customer loyalty and customer service is an important factor for online shops. If you start an online shop you will quickly see that it is often harder to attract new clients than to get existing customers to make a new purchase. An efficient customer database with a built-in ticket-based helpdesk and marketing such as newsletter management is especially important for large shops.

Accounting: invoices and reminders

If you want to use other payment methods than upfront ones, an efficient accounting system is essential. You can choose if you would like to manage all the processes individually, which is more complex with many manual actions, or if you would use an automatic bank account with fully automated payment reminders and warnings.

Start an online shop and outsource development to India

Starting an online shop can be very simple or it can be very complex, as you can see from the many factors for consideration. If you start an online shop you should not cut costs in the wrong place.  It is better to rely on a more professional solution which will prepare you for the future.

A cost-saving trick is to hand over the often expensive creation to an Indian shop developer, either fully or partially. outsourcing4work can provide you with professional service providers from India who will professionally implement Magento or other systems and, on request, develop further extensions for your online shop.

We can offer you an entire range of IT outsourcing options, from a fixed-price, to dedicated or temporary employees, even up to an entire team that will work exclusively for you.