Game Testers from India

Game testers are an important part of game development, especially for very large game titles which are extremely complex and have many different game modes, menus, options and possibilities.

Game testers find logic errors in game design, graphic bugs, performance problems, unexpected crashes, hardware incompatibilities, linguistic errors in translation and language output and much more – it is a long list of potential vulnerabilities in computer games. Unlike with other types of software, the testing process in computer games is not necessarily automated, and therefore requires a great deal of experience as a gamer, in addition to having a good eye.

Requirements for game testers

Usually only experienced gamers with hundreds or thousands of hours of gaming history are taken on as a game tester. A game tester’s experience plays a huge role, much more so than any formal qualifications or certifications. If a candidate already has experience working as a game tester for titles of the same genre, this is an excellent sign.

If they only have a few skills as a game tester, it’s still relatively simple to learn how to use the testing tools and documentation tools needed for the job.

A must for successful game tests are thought-out test instructions and the efficient use productivity tools to be able to have the results in an easily evaluable format later. A game tester has to play the game through normally in as many ways as possible, and test all the various missions, campaigns, roles, behaviour patterns and levels in each game, and document any irregularities in a specific format.

Game testers from India are more affordable

To receive feedback that is as realistic as possible, game testers are often employed as external employees or freelancers on a project basis. The entire exchange with the client usually takes place online and is not bound to a specific location.

This makes hiring offshore game testers from India especially interesting as these testers will only charge a fraction of the price that is normal in Europe. The cost advantage then makes it possible to conduct tests that are much more comprehensive for the same budget, and which would not be possible in Europe. At the end you then receive a successful and optimised project.

If you are looking for a professional game tester, outsourcing4work can help you further with temporary employees. We are specialised in providing Indian IT professionals and will easily find you the right game tester for your title.

If you leave the language-relevant tests/corrections in Europe, and outsource the rest of the test tasks to India, you will not need to worry about the language barrier at all. With our project managers who are specialised in Scrum, we ensure implementation according to your exact wishes. Our many years of experience in coordinating outsourcing employees play a large role. Legal security has also been taken care of – you conclude the contract directly with us as a European company. We will take care of the rest.

Game developers in Europe enjoy high salaries, often to the chagrin of smaller game companies who can need several years to bring out a game title. Large game studios have it a bit easier, and have spent tens of millions of euros to develop elaborate games over many years.

It’s therefore not surprising that the outsourcing trend to India includes areas such as game development. In 2005 the German magazine Stern reported on the young trend of partially or completely outsourcing game development to India with an article titled ‘Where game developers can’t play’. The argument at that time was that children in India do not grow up as closely with video games like in Europe or in the USA, and don’t have the necessary knowledge for computer games.

This has changed significantly over the last decade, and now India as well has countless creative and professional game developers. Europe’s gaming industry is increasingly making use of this cost-effective area for a specific area of game titles.

Game developer – doing Europe’s work

There are two large areas to differentiate between in game development: simple casual games and complex games for PCs and consoles. The rapid rise of smartphones to an everyday device has shaken up the game industry. With simple and entertaining casual games for new platforms, companies such as or Rovio emerged.

The simple structure of casual games with GameBoy-style puzzles, combos and skills makes them perfect to be realised in India. Many companies take advantage of this possibility to realise free advertising games to increase brand awareness and sales incentives.

Even larger game titles like to use the affordable expertise of Indian game developers. While the conceptual work of the game producers and the game designer usually stays in Europe, Indian game developers take over work on parts such as 3D modelling, sound design, graphics or level design.  You can also easily find the right specialists for 3D engines such as CryEngine, Unity or Unreal which are used worldwide in many projects.

But how does collaboration work between the game developers? Europe will usually be home to a locally based team, and the Indian colleagues will be integrated via conference software and collaboration tools. The usual Scrum software development methods will help here too, and there are a number of online-based tools optimised for virtual project work such as Atlassian JIRA.

How to find Indian game developers

outsourcing4work is specialised in providing highly qualified offshoring professionals from the Indian IT sector, and can easily find the right Indian game developer for your needs.

We will take over the responsibility for proper implementation as a European contract partner, and will use our own project managers trained in Scrum. Thanks to this comprehensive approach you will not need to deal with any bureaucratic or legal obstacles, and can be sure that your contract will be realised exactly as you want it to be.

With our different contract models, you can realise a project at a fixed price, or with temporary employees on an hourly basis.

Computer games developers take on many different tasks in game development. Different to traditional software development, in computer games the aesthetic, humour, originality and sound and image quality play a key role. This leads to a different development process than in normal apps or application programs, and also leads to specialisations that only exist in game development. Some of these tasks can be easily outsourced to affordable professionals, such as those in India.

Computer games developer is a generic term

If you are talking about a computer games developer you are speaking generically about a person who is involved in the creation of computer games. Usually there is a distinction made between the following areas which are grouped together under the term computer games developer.

Game producers take care of the organisation and the financing of a game project. They are the main person responsible for a game title, just like producers in the film industry.

A game designer is in charge of the most important creative work, and can roughly be compared to a director for a film. They set the content of the game, the game play and the feel.

A game developer takes care of the technical implementation with the help of a game engine, a type of development environment for the creation of computer games which has special graphics capabilities. C++ is often used as a programming language. The most widely used 3D engines are CryEngine, Unity Engine and Unreal Engine, but many game studios use their own developments as well.

Game graphic designers design all of the visuals and frames in the game.  A special group of game graphic designers are modellers, which create spatial objects with the help of special modelling software.

Composers are not really computer game developers, but are still associated with it. They provide the background music once the various stages or sequences are done.

Sound designers make the soundscape and the many hundreds or even thousands of noises and sound effects to create a lively atmosphere in the gameplay.

Most computer games work with sequences, missions, worlds or levels which are created by level designers. They use the material supplied by games graphic artists, sound designers and developers to create the entire whole and follow the specifications of the game designer.

Indian computer games developers at low rates

The gaming sector is booming in the IT nation of India. European clients can benefit from the significantly lower rates for their own game projects. If you are interested in your own computer games developer from India, you can let your game project be completely realised in India, or you can selectively hire Indian specialists to shoulder some of the burden from your own development team. Sound designer, level designer or graphic designer tasks are especially well-suited to outsourcing.

outsourcing4work can help you find Indian computer games developers for your games project. Thanks to our excellent contacts we have a large number of highly skilled games developers in India to draw from. Our experienced project managers in Europe will ensure smooth cooperation with the computer games developer throughout the entire development phase.

Successful games are hardly possible without a game tester. The very experienced gamer with hundreds or even thousands of hours of playing time will give valuable advice on what can be improved in the game. In contrast to other professions, there are hardly any formal qualifications for game testers, and it is usually based purely on experience.

But there are hard selection criteria for game testers, both for beginners and experienced testers. To start as a game tester they will need to prove their knowledge through online visible player profiles and leader boards. If a person can stand out from the crowd and is experienced in different game genres, they are suitable to be a game developer. They also need good foreign language skills and analytical thinking skills, and both factors can be assessed through automated tests.

This is usually enough for simple game apps and casual games. The additional necessary testing tools and documentation tools can be learned relatively easily.

What game testers should be able to do

Game developers like to rely on experienced game testers for complex titles, testers who have already participated in a number of games and know the typical test tasks. This includes knowledge of standardized tools and the commonly used analysis and productivity tools. Here is an incomplete list of tasks that are expected of a game tester.

A game tester must often…

… Play through the games in as many ways as possible.

… Test various versions and levels.

… Check graphics and game flow with various hardware and/or performance settings.

… Compare the game with similar titles.

… Determine the reasons for bugs and other problems.

… Check the accessibility for people with disabilities.

… Recognise spelling and pronunciation mistakes.

… Write menu structures and setting modes.

… Create error logs and make suggestions for improvement.

Game tester is a classic outsourcing job

As you can see, a game tester position requires mainly time and a passion for computer games. Game testers are almost never found in a company – game developers prefer to use a game tester from the huge gaming community who works from home.

If you need a game tester, you can use a specialised team who offers their services as a professional agency. Whatever your need may be, it is always advisable to cast a glance towards India.

The game industry has developed greatly over the last few years in the large IT site. There are many game studios with their own titles and which also work as an outsourcing service provider for game developers and game testers who work with international companies.

Indian game testers: affordable and professional

If you are looking for a knowledgeable game tester, outsourcing4work is happy to help with temporary employees. You can leave the language-relevant tests in Europe, the Indian game tester will complete all tasks just as well and at a lower rate.

You can also outsource other areas of game development to India; certain development and design, or the design of sound effects. We can also provide you with dedicated employees and a cost-saving branch (light) in India.

German game developers earn between 2,800 and 4,000 euros a month, according to the salary database The salaries vary between the German federal states according to the different local demands.

It is therefore no surprise that the highest salaries are paid in the federal state of Hesse – nearly 4,000 euros. The largest German game developer has its headquarters in Frankfurt, and many other studios such as Silent Dreams and Black Pants are located in Hesse.

Do German game developers earn too much?

If you take a look at the very global game industry, it is apparent that a German game developer is rather more affordable then their colleagues in the USA or Canada. Whether developer, graphic designer/animation artist, game designer, producer, sound expert or game tester – in every category Americans earn between 50 to 100 percent more, according to Gamasutra.

This does not help a German game studio which wants to assert themselves in a booming and fast-moving market. Salaries are likely to increase for German game developers in the coming years. This means increasing cost pressure, as well as the increasing risk of losing experienced German game developers to competition both at home and abroad.

German game developers vs. Indian game developers

If you are looking for a German game developer, you can make a virtue out of necessity and help out your studio with targeted outsourcing to India. Ask yourself which elements of your planned game title really require a German game developer, and which can be given over to an external provider.

Tasks for graphic designers, level designers or sound designers are perfect for this. For 3D games you can externally buy textures for specific objects rather than create them expensively with a German game developer in your own studio. Or sound effects for a mobile puzzle game and additional levels which only need to be clicked together from existing elements are another example. In the IT country India you will find experienced specialists for all of these tasks.

With skilful management you can pay your own permanent employees better thanks to overall lower costs, and accelerate the development process.

German game developers and Indian game developers

Whether or not you already have outsourcing experience, outsourcing4work can support you in finding a world-class game developer from India.

Thanks to our excellent contacts we can draw on a large pool of highly qualified game developers in India. They will be integrated into your ongoing project with our help and you will save money that you can put towards other uses. You won’t run into any contractual or payment issues as you will conclude your contract directly with us as a European company.

We are more than just a provider! One of our experienced project managers in Europe will be by your side during the contract phase and will ensure hassle-free communication and cooperation with the external game developer.

A game developer is a popular person. This is due to the rapid growth of the industry, which has developed over the last twenty years into a multi-billion dollar market. New devices constantly provide additional fields of application. Earlier games were played on consoles or on the computer, and nowadays games are being played on smartphones and tablets too.

Even with highly complex 3D multiplayer games, technical progress is continuing to be made. 3D shooters, previous bestsellers, are still extremely popular today. In terms of sales and development, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) have lost popularity since the World of Warcraft.

According to its developer, Blizzard, the game is still being played with over one hundred million accounts and over five million active users listed and registered.

The games market has much more to offer, an incomplete list on Wikipedia lists 84 computer game genres. And for each one a game developer with special abilities are needed.

Game developer is not a traditionally educated profession

Even though there are now a number of degree programs, many game developers are still new to development. This is because the game design courses, which differ from the math-filled computer science courses, offered by private universities are often expensive.

Game experience, creativity and great enthusiasm are often important for game studios, in addition to programming skills.

In contrast to application, app and web development, in computer games the aesthetic, originality and the sound and image quality play a key role. A game developer must work within a range of disciplines, and not only think about pure purpose and efficiency.

The outsourcing market for game developers is growing

Computer games are developed in large teams, just like other software. And their budgets are often very tight, excluding large blockbuster studios. Therefore, it makes sense to hand over specific tasks to low-cost external game developers.

Luckily, nowadays this is no longer a problem in the field of game development in countries such as India. If you are looking for a knowledgeable game developer, outsourcing4work is happy to help.

We provide you with exceptional game developers as either a temporary or dedicated employee. And if you want to outsource most of your development work to India, with our help you can also create your own branch (light) of game developers. We have the necessary expertise and the suitable partner for projects of every size.