Don’t misuse your employees! Data collection is an area that is most likely not suited to the ability or salary costs of your expertise.

Many companies therefore prefer to employ business process outsourcing (BPO) external employees as an alternative. Data collection is a traditional field of work in which many specialised providers offer their services.

Specialised external employees: data entry by professionals

BPO specialised providers employ specially trained data entry clerks to professionally handle data. Data collection is often more than just entering a simple series of numbers in Excel spreadsheets.

Paper-based documents that are filled in by hand will require much more manual effort from a data entry clerk. Data collection often requires that this type of material is entered by hand. The documents are first usually scanned or photographed, and then evaluated on the computer. The text is then recognised with OCR software and later corrected following the four-eyes principle: text that is not recognised must be typed in by hand.

Handling digital material which can be read with software tools is a bit easier for a data entry clerk. The data is then usually presented as raw data in a table, and then needs to be put into the correct format.

This type of data extraction will require a data entry clerk who is somewhat better trained. Data entry will require manual processing of the data material, conversion of the data into specific formats and cleansing the database through an automatic filter, which will need to be set up or programmed.

Indian outsourcing employees – affordable data entry

outsourcing4work can provide you with professional providers from India for every type of professional data collection. We guarantee a high standard of quality and take many security measures to ensure that your sensitive data does not end up in the wrong hands.

The contracts are concluded directly with us for your security. Our own project managers will ensure that your data is ready on time and in the correct format.

Manual data entry or data collection is a classic area in business process outsourcing (BPO). It is necessary for documents that can’t be read automatically. These can be business directories, address lists, business cards, delivery notes, customer cards, questionnaires, lottery tickets, text files or information from websites.

Because manual data entry is usually only a temporary activity, yet is also very extensive and time-consuming, it can be hard for the existing staff to complete it within the given time frame. If this is done within the company, overtime hours for the employees involved or a change in duty priorities is often unavoidable.

Manual data entry can often lead to misallocation

Because the employee is usually trained and specialised in a different field, the process is usually unnecessarily long. If you keep highly qualified employees occupied with monotonous work it will lead to employee dissatisfaction and a high number of errors.

Professionals who specialise in manual data entry complete this work much faster and much more reliably. Depending on the type of document, they use an optimised approach.

Manual data entry by a professional provider

The labour-intense method is to type in the data from the paper originals such as receipts, handwritten notes, customer card requests, delivery notes or invoices, which is then made into digital images which are easier to handle. Employees specialised in manual data entry will receive digital photos of the originals, and enter the information manually into the computer.

To ensure that no mistakes are made, all data is controlled by a further employee in accordance with the four-eyes principle. Employees which are trained in manual data entry set a pace that your own employees could never match. With up to 14,000 strokes per hour, even the largest data sets are quickly completed.

Indian providers are cheaper

outsourcing4work can provide you with professional providers from India for manual data entry, providers who will quickly and accurately put your data into the format you want.

We take many security measures to ensure that your sensitive data does not end up in the wrong hands. You can conclude the contract directly with us, which gives you legal certainty. With our project managers we ensure that you receive your data on time and in the right format.

The spread of digital value activities, and especially the use of modern information and communication technologies, has gained enormous momentum over the last few years. This trend not only applies to large companies, but also to small and medium sized enterprises. Companies need not only expertise and experience to be able to implement the strategic requirements for digitalization, as well as to actively use the opportunities, but they will also need staff who are trained in digitalization. It is also essential to be able to tell the difference between trends to follow and trends that are merely passing fads. A very important trend in this regard is almost certainly the outsourcing of back office work such as converting documents.

Converting documents is a necessity

The reality is that more and more information will need to be digitally handled in the form of files and documents, and it poses specific challenges to companies: companies receive hundreds of invoices, deposit slips and faxes each day. All of these documents are only a small number of what the company will be delivered each day in the form of printed correspondence: letters, notices and much more. Many different employees will need access to these documents – all in different locations at different times. To be able to allow this, and to ensure all employees have secure access, the company will need to convert these documents and put them into a digital form. This is the only way to guarantee they are available to the appropriate staff at the right time.

Advantage of outsourcing: professionals take care of converting documents

When companies outsource document conversion, they save both time and labour. Activities such as converting documents are typical back office activities that outsourcing companies in India can do efficiently and affordably. If there are many documents that need to be converted, it is especially recommended to head down this path.

The following services are possible in the field of document conversion:

  • Converting documents from DWG to JPG
  • Converting documents from PDF to DOC
  • Converting documents from EXCEL to HTML
  • Converting documents from TIFF to PDF
  • Converting documents from GIF to TGA
  • Converting documents from PSP to PDF
  • Converting other documents (books, paper documents, image files, etc.)

And this is where outsourcing4work comes into play: we are in close contact with high-quality service providers in the document conversion sector. You can convert mountains of documents and save costs with our partners from India.

Why you should outsource activities such as converting documents:

  • You will have more free capacity to focus on your core business – what generates the most value.
  • You will have a clear overview of the costs resulting from this service.
  • You save costs – significant costs – by reducing investment resources and due to the fact that employees will not need to take part in any training. In addition, tax advantages will also arise from external procurement, as you can claim expenses.
  • You will also save on costs due to the cost difference between Europe and India: you can buy services in India for much less than in Europe.
  • There are also qualitative advantages when outsourcing. If you decide on a specialist, then you choose someone who is professional and up to date, someone who uses the most modern technologies. The tasks will be carried out much more efficiently and with a higher quality.
  • Qualifications are also a definite advantage for Indian service providers – many highly experiences IT professionals and back office workers live in India. In addition, there are millions of Indian workers. It is common to work in shifts, both during the week and in weekends – even in office jobs.

European companies won’t need to fear any difficulties due to the different cultures: we at outsourcing4work will take care of the contact to outsourcing service providers in India. Our European project managers will handle the complete project throughout your contract with the Indian partner company.

Data entry is a popular outsourcing activity. English plays a special role here as the worldwide business language, even among in European companies. In the context of business process outsourcing (BPO), you can easily outsource your English data entry to India. Ultimately, English is spoken as the national language by many Indians.

Indian professionals for data entry: English and affordable

In India, the middle class speaks English very well, due to an excellent education in private schools and universities. Many of these highly educated Indians now work in the global outsourcing business, and offer international clients an excellent opportunity to reduce costs for this time-consuming work. Data entry is one such area.

Data entry is a part of data collection, and requires the use of specially trained employees. Data entry can include any kind of handwritten materials such as surveys or order cards – anything that cannot automatically analyse itself.

The work process is typically divided into four work stages:

  • The paper originals are usually in an identical format and are large number of them are digitised in a special scanner or by photographing them.
  • Information is automatically read and saved as text or characters through optical character recognition (OCR).
  • The fully digital information is then presented to two different workers to check and review it. They will have an overview of the template, the digital image as well as the recognised text and will need to confirm the imported data is correct or fix any mistakes. Any documents not recognised by the software will need to be entered manually via a keyboard.
  • The data stored on the optimised databases is then put in the format specified by the client and secured.

Cost savings by using outsourcing

If you are looking for affordable English data entry professionals from India, we at outsourcing4work can provide you with a specialised provider. The contract is concluded with us for your legal certainty, and we ensure proper implementation. We also ensure that you will receive your data on time in the required format thanks to our project managers.

Manual data entry and automated data entry play an important role in business process outsourcing (BPO). Service providers who specialise in data entry are often much faster than the company itself would be.

Data refers to any kind of information which can be categorised and stored according to certain criteria in sorted forms as records. This can be names, addresses, categories or numerical values which need to be put in a specific order and saved in databases or tables.

Manual data entry vs. automated data entry: the differences

Manual data entry and automated data entry differ mainly on the basis of the documented to be evaluated. Manual data entry is generally used for all types of paper based documents, which cannot be read or evaluated by a machine. This can also include online sources which cannot be easily queried or read with software.

Using the four-eyes-principle errors can be corrected during manual data entry, since mistakes will inevitably be made due to the monotonous, yet demanding work.

Automated data entry is used for photographed or scanned originals. Printed or handwritten information is automatically read and sorted, then stored using OCR software. Such systems are often used for postal services. Depending on the document type, the language and the data destination, automated data entry will need customised systems. In addition, automated data collection requires a manual post-processing of all those cases in which the software failed.

Manual data entry vs. automated data entry: differences in providers

If you would like to collect data material and are looking for a business process outsourcing provider, then it is recommended to use a company that provides both. This is generally the case, but there are also smaller companies that only deal with manual data entry. Because automated data entry requires higher expertise, all-rounder providers are often more professional.

But do not worry if your documents need to be recorded manually, automatically or only partially automatically. outsourcing4work is happy to help you when selecting a provider from India who is not only professional, but affordable.

It all depends on good product documentation. At least it does if you are the manufacturer of a technical product. No matter if it is a lawn mower, a video screen, a biogas system or a food processor: product documentation – also called technical documentation – includes all the documents that describe this technical product: operating manual, technical drawings and manufacturing documentation, user manual and system description. Product documentation systematically prepares all the necessary information and structures it according to a certain index.

Outsourcing product documentation – why not?

Product documentation serves several very important purposes: firstly, you will need to be able to explain to the user how to operate it, and secondly they secure the legal liability of the manufacturer – it must meet its legal accountability – and lets you draw conclusions on reproducibility and traceability. And ultimately, it contributes to the permanent statutory archiving of the content. Creating product documentation is a challenging task.

Only professionals who have experience in this area and who are well-versed in this matter can do it, since the product documentation needs to be structured and logically organised in a specific system. To facilitate handling, certain documents are summarised in groups either according to topic or analogue on the structure of the product, and are managed with modular document lists and tables of content. For the purpose of traceability of the revision levels, change history is often used. The system of documentation for product documentation is done on the basis of DIN standards.

Specialised service providers from India

Creating product documentation takes knowledge and experience – both offered by specialised service providers in India.

Developing product documentation is a complex task which needs a lot of experience and attention to detail. If you do not have your own employees who are free to take on this time-consuming task or who are ready to deal with this matter, you should consider handing over these tasks to a company that has been professionally active for years in the field of product documentation.

Many manufacturers of technical products take this route: they have their product documentation created and translated externally – often even abroad. Knowledge, expertise and low rates are not exclusive anymore: many business services can be outsourced easily – even product documentation. This offers the company many advantages:

  • Reduction of cost for creating product documentation
  • Speedy creation, maintenance and translation of the product documentation
  • Consistent cross-company experience in the field of product documentation and manuals
  • Optimisation and standardisation of the process from creation to printing

outsourcing4work is a provider of high quality service in terms of product documentation. We work with qualified service providers from India who specialise in office services such as creating product documentation. These partner companies employ hundreds of employees solely for creating product documentation and technical documentation, and have a great deal of experience in this area. And the price is also right, as services are done at much lower rates than are found in Europe.

At outsourcing4work European project managers will support and advise their clients up to the successful completion of their project.

Excel is ideally suited for managing lists of data. No matter if it is client or product data, or data from various departments in a company which must be collected, entered and compared: combining and administrating this data in Excel, as well as keeping it up to date, is monotonous and time consuming. No company can do without Excel data entry: it is vital for the company because an informative Excel spreadsheet – when properly valued – can provide information on costs and hidden potential.

In-house Excel data entry is not economically viable in the long run

Herein lies the problem: Excel data entry which is performed by a company on its own ties up employee resources, as employees who are actually qualified for another task have to deal with data entry as a secondary function at the company. This is not economically viable. Highly specialised colleagues pay off for a company when they do their real work, and not if they are pulled away from it to work on another activity. There is also a further point: boring routine work such as Excel data entry is prone to errors. Have you ever thought about outsourcing your Excel data entry to professional service providers?

Minimise your costs in Excel data entry

Companies delegate many business processes and outsource them to third parties: from payroll accounting up to staff recruitment, from PR up to IT outsourcing – there are many ways for modern companies to cut costs by outsourcing. The idea behind it: services previously only performed internally are now supplied by an external service provider who specialises in the area.

The advantages of this outsourcing are obvious. By outsourcing secondary functions the company can focus on its core business, as well as its own operational performance creation. A further important point is the cost savings. Cost savings will arise by reducing investment resources and by the fact that employees will not need to take part in any training. In addition, tax benefits are also a further advantage of external procurement. The benchmark for profitable outsourcing is at least 20 percent cost savings. Naturally, there are often qualitative advantages in external procurement. By deciding on a specialised provider, who is always up to date, you ensure that the process takes place using the most modern technologies. The tasks will be carried out much more efficiently and with a higher quality. In addition, through strategic partnerships new areas of business can be opened.

And there is still a further advantage: by outsourcing specific areas, such as Excel data entry, to foreign companies, you will also minimise your own risk since the outsourcing partner will take it on themselves.

Office services: India is outsourcing market number 1 in the world

Companies in India have built themselves an excellent reputation, especially when it comes to Excel data entry. India is home to many service companies which employ highly qualified IT experts and office workers for back-office work. These companies are also globally at the forefront in technical equipment. Many Western European companies have taken advantage of this product cooperation for years: They have outsourced many of their business process such as Excel data entry or data conversion, editing photos or writing product documentation. There are many good reasons to cooperate with India: from the high quality of service, to the low rates. There is no need to worry when it comes to this type of cooperation: many local workers who work in these companies earn very good rates compared to the Indian standard, as they are very highly qualified and often have a degree – some even in computer science. India has invested massively into IT education and infrastructure. The results of these efforts are visible in the centres of excellence and universities throughout the land.

You won’t need to fear any difficulties due to the different cultures: outsourcing4work will be your knowledgeable partner throughout this collaboration. The project managers employed in Europe by outsourcing4work will be responsible for the cooperation between the European company and the Indian service provider, and will be your contact partner to consult and support you during the development of the project.

If you want to create an online catalogue you are spoiled for choice. There are many ways to get an online catalogue – however, not every approach is suitable for professional results. Here you can have a small overview of the various options.

Creating an online catalogue: the traditional way

Traditional catalogues have been replaced in many areas by online directories that do not have a lot in common with the basic idea of a catalogue. Although a format focused on creating a visually appealing page is still used in the digital age.

Desktop publishing applications (DTP) are used, such as QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Publisher, with which graphic and design heavy documents can be created, similarly to a word processor. Unlike word processors, in DTP applications are filled with multiple free-floating content frames for text or images. Special tools simplify the work for the often very complex design.

Page size, fonts, colours, backgrounds, spacing and many other settings are then defined to ensure a consistent look. The pages then only need to be filled with content and formatted.

Creating an online catalogue as a print-ready document

With the help of a layout which has been optimised for printing, an online catalogue can be easily made. This is often available in the form of image files and in PDF formats, which is then displayed as an online catalogue or made available for download.

Modern DTP software such as Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress let you take advantage of electronic publishing in formats such as EPUP (e-books), SWF (Flash content for web pages) or HTML5 (interactive web galleries with animations and additional functions).

In addition to traditional DTP applications there are also various tools that are particularly well-suited to create an online catalogue, such as ePaperFlip, AnyFlip, Lucidpress or Canva.

Creating an online catalogue from an existing web shop

If you already run your own online shop based on Magento, WooCommerce or similar shop software, there is still a more elegant way to create an online catalogue.

As most online shops have the necessary content for a catalogue in the right order, catalogues can be fully generated with the click of a button. The big advantage of this is the fact is it always up-to-date. Once the function is set up you can create an online catalogue without much effort, or include the function as a customer service in your web shop.

A good example of this is the print catalogue Software as a Service (SAAS) available for Magento, with which you can create a PDF brochure from any Magento page, as well as a complete product catalogue, all at once.

Create an online catalogue for a special rate: outsourcing to India

You can hand over the creation of an online catalogue to an Indian DTP professional at a low rate with outsourcing4work. You can let your own employees concentrate on more important tasks – and the results often look even better. We will find the right professional with the right experience for your online catalogue, one who will conjure up an impressive result out of your raw data. They will also affordably convert an existing catalogue into an interactive online format.

Data entry and document management – both fall under the term ‘data entry’ and are services that are annoying tasks for many companies. No matter if client or product data, questionnaires, business cards, coupons, delivery notes or data from various departments in a company to be collected and compared: this is generally a repetitive and monotonous, but nevertheless absolutely necessary. It is important to combine and administrate this data in a short time, and at the same time keep various media such as forms, documents, audio texts and emails up to date.

Data entry: a tedious chore people love to delegate

Fast, efficient and flexible data entry is important for companies but regularly ties up employee resources and leads to higher costs, because qualified workers are taken away from their actual tasks.

In addition, it is easy to make mistakes in routine work. It makes sense to outsource data entry to a professional service provider, to not burden their own employees in departments and to avoid any unnecessary risks. Those who outsource minimise their own risk by transferring the risk to the third-party.

Smart business owners minimise their costs for data entry

The requirements to be a professional service provider in data entry are varied:

  • Speed: Data entry, even though there are large amounts of data to be entered, must be done quickly to keep the system up to date without any long transitions.
  • Security: Data security is priority number one for sensitive client data.
  • Quality: Professional and reliable service providers who do not make mistakes in data entry are highly sought after. Tough service level agreements guarantee performance, availability and quality.
  • Flexibility: Efficient workflows for data entry must be adapted to changing requirements. Large amounts of data need to be worked through in a short amount of time – for example for catalogue shipping, after trade fairs or coupon promotions – while there will also be times with hardly any data to enter, which means it is important to avoid overcapacity.
  • Transparency: Transparency and controlling must be ensured through certification processes, online monitoring, reports and review meetings.
  • Rates: Efficient processes shouldn’t be expensive. When outsourcing data entry companies do not only reduce costs, but they also have full transparency of them, as the costs which were hidden are now easily visible with outsourcing.

Can you not do without data entry in your company, and do not want to give this time-consuming and boring work to your own employees? Then a professional business process outsourcing provider is an excellent option.

Outsourcing to professional service providers as an alternative

Many of these service providers are based in India – currently the largest outsourcing market in the world. A large part of these business process outsourcing companies are specialised in data entry, and employ highly qualified staff. These external employees can be perfectly used for projects of every size and for any need – they also work at low rates thanks the difference in salaries between Europe and India. The advantages for clients: you avoid downtime, you won’t have to pay your own clients any overtime and the invoices are minute-exact. You will work with an efficient service provider whose error rate is extremely low. Data entry can be done in different levels of quality: on request data cleaning and the data collected can be validated, the data is then provided in the desired format.

Cooperation with Indian companies is becoming increasingly important

Whoever wants to contact Indian companies for data entry can get in touch with outsourcing4work. Our project managers who are based in Europe will talk through every detail of your data entry project with you, and they will be in charge any developments with the Indian partners.

Professional data collection is indispensable in the business world. High quality data is like a modern currency in the information age, and can decide the success or failure of a company.

In contrast to very complex tasks such as software development, data collection requires less expertise and is perfectly suited for outsourcing to countries with low wages. Depending on the type of data collection which is being done, special tools and expertise might be required.

Data collection is not the same data collection

Data collection is often more than just entering a simple series of numbers in Excel spread sheets. There are many complex types of data collection- from manual data collection, to automated data collection and even online data collection.

Manual data collection follows the four-eye principle and is used for all kinds of paper-based documents. This can be hard-to-read documents, forms filled out by hand and other documents. A special form of manual collection is the parallel comparison with existing databases. Existing entries are expanded or corrected, or new entries are created.

Automated data collection relies on photographed originals from which the data is then automatically extracted with OCR software. Such systems are often used for postal services. Software solutions that have been somewhat heavily customised are then needed, depending on the document type, language and data destination. In addition, automated data collection requires a manual post-processing of all those cases in which the software failed.

Online data collection refers to data sources reached over the internet, from which data is then taken either manually or using certain software tools. Typical cases are websites, online image archives, catalogues or also specific online queries.

Data extraction as a special form of data collection

New data files can be produced either automatically or partially automatically from existing data sources thanks to data extraction. Software tools which already exist or which are created specifically for this purpose are used, which can work through large or many files according to specific criteria. They then save the results in the specified data format. Conversion tools for file formats and data-mining software often play a special role here. Lot of experience and specialist knowledge are required for successful data collection, as well as for the subsequent data processing.

outsourcing4work can provide you with professional providers from India for all types of data collection, professionals who will complete your data collection project affordably and error-free. We rely on a high quality standard and take many security measures to ensure that your sensitive data does not end up in the wrong hands.

Rather than handing over your data collection to an unknown Indian provider, you can conclude your contract directly with us. This gives you legal certainty! With our project managers we ensure that you receive your data on time and in the required quality, and always keep your interests at heart.