Interested in Android app development?  India has a lot to offer as a popular outsourcing market. The country, known for its well-trained IT professionals, has built up a large sector with app developers who help international clients realise their ideas affordably.

This is not limited to Android app development, however. India is also a good starting place for iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry or web app projects.

Android app development: India in second place

Android is very strongly connected to Google. The search giant sees Android as a strategic part of its global supremacy among IT companies. The United States is therefore not without reason the leader in Android app development. India entered place two a few years ago, and has been consistently reducing the distance.

An Android app developer works primarily with the programming languages JAVA, C++ and PHP. Since Android is still quite young, many Android app developers have already had many years of experience with these languages and only later acquired the necessary additional knowledge for Android apps.

These factors, and the low-cost entry – both in terms of test hardware, as well as the numerous available free development tools for Android – facilitated India’s fast rise in software outsourcing.

Outsourcing app development – India is closer than you think

You can realise your Android app project affordably with Indian professionals with outsourcing4work. Take advantage of the large cost benefits in offshore outsourcing app development. India is not as far away as you think, not with our help.

We are not the kind of outsourcing provider who will leave you alone with the app developer. Instead, you sign the contract with us as a European company, and will receive one of our project managers to stay by your side and coordinate the app project for you. This lets you combine the cost advantages of outsourcing to India, with European reliability and legal certainty.

We will provide you with an excellent Android app developer either as a temporary employee or for a fixed-price project, depending on your needs. And if it is an especially complex app project, you can also hire an entire team of Android developers as a branch (light) with our help.

If you would like to create an app but do not want it to cover all platforms, then you will generally need to pick between either iOS or Android as the two main systems. When selecting an app developer and the technology to use, you should definitely already know if the app will appear on a different platform at a later date.

While native iOS apps are programmed with Objective-C (or C/C++), Android apps use Java. If you have an app created by a multi-system developer, they often use cross-platform tools that enable simultaneous development for multiple systems.

If you would first like to create an app for iOS, you should know that there are pure iOS developers who are not able to help you further with later versions for Android and Windows Mobile. Objective-C, which is used in iOS apps, has its roots in the programming languages C and SmallTalk, is less common than Java, which is used in many other areas in addition to Android apps.

Creating an iOS app: the advantages

In comparison to Android, iOS scores points with more efficient developer tools. Apple wants its products to be in the premium segment of the market, and makes it easy for its developers to develop high quality apps. The iOS development environment Xcode is especially efficient thanks to its snazzy emulators. The emulators available through Android are a bit more sluggish.

The different versions and devices are factors not to be underestimated with Android. If you would like to create an iOS app, you will only need to worry about a few different devices (iPhone 3, 4, 5, 6 iPad 1-5 generations, as well as iPad mini/Pro), while there are over 50 in Android. In addition, each Android device comes in many different resolutions. It is virtually impossible to test an app on every device in Android.

Creating an Android website: the advantages

In contrast, it is much easier to publish an Android app. There are no review processes like with Apple. It is also easier to exchange data between different apps, as well as the modification of system functions. iOS apps operate in a kind of sandbox in which they have limited system access to other parts.

If you would like to create an Android app, you will achieve a higher range in addition to standing out. Android has the dominant market share of 80%. iOS holds second place, but is about 14% behind.

Creating an app with professionals

No matter if you are looking for Android of iOS developers, are interested in cross-platform apps or just still aren’t sure. outsourcing4work can assist you in every case.

We help you find the right app strategy and provide you with the right app developer from India. If you would like to create your app in India, then you will benefit from the cost advantages when compared to German suppliers.

Depending on your needs, we can provide you will exceptional iOS, Android or multi-platform app developers. You can have an app created at a fixed price, or hire a developer on an hourly basis. The contracts are concluded directly with us as a European company for your security. We ensure professional implementation with our own project managers.

An Android app developer develops apps that run exclusively on Android smartphones and tablets. Android was brought onto the market by Android as a competitor to Apple’s iOS in 2008, and has been popular for about five years. In 2010, Android achieved a larger market share than iOS and then, in 2011, overtook the then leader, the Symbian system from Nokia.

But times have changed! Today, Android has a dominant market share of 80%, and iOS is found in second place – with just under 14% between them. It’s no wonder that Android app developers are very much in demand nowadays – with Google’s app platform you can reach the most users. And according to recent market studies this shows no signs of changing before the end of the year.

What Android app developers should know

An Android app developer works primarily with the programming languages JAVA, C++ and PHP. Since Android is still quite new, many Android app developers have already had many years of experience with these languages and only later acquire the necessary additional knowledge for Android apps.

Android app developers must be familiar with the process of publishing Android apps for smartphones and tablets, and understand the differences between different Android devices and operating system versions. This is essential to ensure that the Android apps later work on as many device types as possible.

In addition, the online services that are heavily used by Android apps require solid understanding of API programming, client-server architectures and software development with databases.

Free development tools for Android app developers

In contrast to many other types of software, Android app developers don’t really need commercial software. Understandably, Google would like to strongly promote app development, and provides Android developer tools with development environment, SDK and optimized emulators for Google APIs for free. Google also offers a native development kit for app programming directly with C or C++.

However, there is also a long list of alternative free or commercial development environments for various languages such as Eclipse (all-round), IntelliJIDEA (Java), Cordova (HTML5) and Kivy (Python).

In contrast to Google’s Android developer tools, some of these alternatives allow cross-platform development, meaning the parallel development of the same app for iOS and other interfaces. This means that experienced professionals are often not just an Android app developer, but can also developer for iOS, Windows Phone and other interfaces.

Find the right Android app developer

If you are looking for an Android app developer, you should be clear in advance if the app is also planned to be used for iOS, Windows Phone and other systems. This is because depending on which development tools the Android app developer uses, the later transferring and version maintenance can be either more expensive or cheaper.

outsourcing4work can help you further and provide you with Indian app developers with extensive experience and diverse knowledge. You can then use the cost advantages of offshore outsourcing for more expertise in app development to optimally implement your app project for more platforms. And this trick is especially helpful for smaller budgets, meaning your Android app is developed at a low cost.

We will provide you with an Android app developer either as a temporary or dedicated employee on request. And if it is a particularly complex app project, you can also hire an entire team of software developers as a branch (light) with our help.