Kostengünstige SPSS Dateneingabe in Indien

SPSS data entry is tedious work when data sources cannot be automatically imported, and there’s no way around it when you have surveys and polls with questionnaires. The same applies for old data which not possible to export and convert to an SPSS compatible format.

A problem with manual SPSS data entry is that the monotonous work and the high level of concentration required can lead to errors, which then create false or distorted results later in the statistical analysis.

SPSS data entry by a professional provider

In the area of business process outsourcing (BPO) you can hand over SPSS data entry to a provider who specialises in it. This expertly trained data entry clerk is usually much faster and more accurate than your normal employees or interns.

These providers are often specialised in data entry with various programs and are especially fast with the combined use of the mouse, keyboard and keyboard shortcuts. They also make sure that your SPSS data is exactly as you want later by using the four-eyes principle.

Choosing among the value labels, variable labels and measurement levels in SPSS is usually done by the clients, but this task can also be given over to the trained SPSS professionals.

Affordable SPSS data entry in India

Thanks to the low salary level in India and the large amount of time needed for SPSS data entry, this work was made to be handed over to an Indian BPO agency. These providers do not only significantly undercut their competitors in Europe when it comes to rates – often, more than one data entry clerk will work on one contract, which makes them much faster.

outsourcing4work can provide you with a specialised provider for your SPSS data entry project. Contracts are concluded with us directly as a European company, which ensures easier handling and legal clarity. In addition, we take over the coordination with our own project managers and ensure that your data records are delivered on time and in the right format.