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Planning a Zend Framework project and looking for an experienced Zend framework developer? Then you are in the right hands! Zend Framework is an object-oriented open source web application framework written in PHP 5. The “brains” behind the framework of Zend Technologies Inc. are the software developers AndiGutmans and ZeevSuraski from Israel. Together with colleagues, they developed the free and open source scripting language PHP further.

Zend Framework: rapid development in recent years

In 1997 Gutmans and Suraski rewrote the parser of PHP-FI, resulting in PHP 3. In 1998 Zend Engine was developed. The abbreviation Zend comes from their first names, Zeev and Andi. Gutmans and Suraski are also responsible for the development of PHP 5 and Zend engine version 2, the core of PHP. PHP 4 is based on the first version of the Zend Engine. In 1999, they officially founded their company Zend Technologies in Tel Aviv, Israel, which has seen strong growth in recent years. Today, the company is headquartered in Cupertino, California (United States).

The consulting and conceptual design of complex Internet solutions based on the Zend Framework, the extension of existing Zend Framework existing solutions and interface extension ZF applications – outsourcing4work – outsourcing made in Germany can offer you all of this.

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Do you want to continue your customized software project and need a Zend developer? Our developers work on the basis of the official standards of the Zend Framework and provide future security and guaranteed expandability. Our experienced developers work with test-driven development to achieve stable and error-free Internet applications, which leads to planning security, economic success and short development times.

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We support customers throughout Europe with offshore outsourcing. We do no focus on the resulting cost advantages – however beneficial they are for our clients. Instead, we see ourselves as a strategic partner for our clients, and place a high importance on professionalism, knowledge and quality. The knowledge of our employees contributes to the economic success of our clients – leading to customer loyalty, which is a win-win for both sides. outsourcing4work cooperates only with reputable and renowned partner companies in India, the world’s largest outsourcing-market. Our partner companies on the subcontinent employ only highly trained, experienced and permanently employed employees. We hire out these experts to you: perfectly trained for your Zend Framework project, according to your requirements.

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No matter which of your projects require a Zend developer, you should try it with outsourcing4work. With our knowledgeable employees, our attractive conditions and risk protection, you are definitely at an advantage. Describe your needs briefly to us and we will offer you the best options for your project. We look forward to your call.