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xt:Commerce, which was created in 2003, is an offshoot of the shop system osCommerce. Like its predecessor, it is based on the database management system MySQL and the PHP programming language. xt:Commerce is considered to be an insider tip among retailers, since the shop system is being increasingly perfected thanks to its continuous further development. In addition to the implementation of merchandise management, Multishops can be built in multiple languages and with different payment methods. But this variety of options comes with a price, as an excellent xt:Commerce shop needs a qualified xt:Commerce developer.

The complete solution for your online shop:

xt:Commerce developers from outsourcing4work

Because xt:Commerce is a relatively complex system, it is not recommended for companies that do not have a special software developer. Although there are many qualified shopware developers on the European market, only a very small circle of them are specialised in xt:Commerce. This is a fundamental problem for companies: they have to compete for the few highly qualified xt:Commerce developers, and often have to pay very high rates. It doesn’t have to be like this. outsourcing4work offers you excellent shop software developers at low rates. How is that possible? Easy: with our tried and tested, long-standing offshore outsourcing concept!

outsourcing made in germany. is an innovative service provider model in which we offer European clients highly-qualified Indian software developers as offshore employees. You will benefit from the advantages of both markets, both the Indian and the European economy. We also offer you the legal certainty and the reliability of a European company in combination with the benefits of low rates, which are only possible through outsourcing to India. Our longstanding contact to partner companies on-site in India allows us to find the right Indian xt:Commerce developer for your company.

Outsourcing4work: your guarantee for great online shops

To reassure you that you will not take on any risks with your offshore software developer, we will provide you with some guarantees. Firstly, we will provide you with a knowledgeable, German and English speaking project manager who will be able to answer and advise you on any problems or questions on your software developer or our outsourcing concept. Secondly, you have the security of a service provider based in Germany that delivers European contracts in German or English.

In addition, we guarantee that we only work exclusively with selected Indian xt:Commerce developers. We select our software developers according to strict criteria: they must have excellent references and a solid education, in addition to many years of experience on the Indian market, as well as on the international IT market. Some of our xt:Commerce developers even have a degree from one of the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology. They are widely considered to be the best training facilities in south-east Asia. At the same time we expect our software developers to be customer-oriented, flexible and reliable.

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With an xt:Commerce developer from outsourcing4work you can highlight your shop, which can lead to more success in the long run and help you reach more customers. Don’t hesitate; get in touch with us today! You can do this either via email, on the phone or in person, however you prefer. We look forward to meeting you!