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The abbreviation XML has been well-known for several years online. XML developers make the web better, faster and more user-friendly. Letters, mailing lists, entire databases or graphics can be saved to a type of file, thanks to XML. But what is XML exactly? And what sets an XML developer apart? XML is an abbreviation of “Extensible Markup Language”. A “Markup Language” is a set of tags which are equally as readable for machines, as for humans. The best-known markup language is HTML, which most pages on the internet are written in. One advantage of an XML developer in comparison to an HTML developer is that an XML developer can define their own tags and explain to the computer what the individual data means, which is especially great for the XML developer and user when databases are accessed.

Knowledgeable XML developers available in India

One of the most important benefits of XML is the splitting of data and layout. XML files are pure text: if the files are opened, they are similar to HTML files. It doesn’t matter if these files are issued as a website, a template or as a graphic. The XML file only contains data. The layout is directed by another program. Comprehensive programs with own, bulky formats can create space for small modules, so the XML file therefore acts as a kind of interface of a modular file structure. XML has proven itself in the world of software developers. But how can companies find a capable XML developer?

The answer is Outsourcing with Outsourcing4work

Outsourcing is the answer when a project needs a well-educated and experienced XML developer fast. Many international companies now use Outsourcing, and the Indian market is the largest in the world thanks to its highly-qualified employees. It offers European IT companies great opportunities to outsource developers and support services. Outsourcing4work offers the following: as an experienced Outsourcing company we offer clients a way into the Indian market. We have partner companies in India whose permanent staff include XML developers. These Indian software developers are highly qualified, they have at least three years of experience in an international context and have successfully completed a degree in computer science. Thanks to the huge salary gap between Europe and India, hiring an Indian XML developer is a cost-effective solution for companies in Europe. Experienced German and English speaking project managers at Outsourcing4work will support you in your cooperation with Indian software developers.


We offer you Outsourcing made in germany. with the security of a German company, at exceptional rates. Our European project managers are there to answer any questions: they are available during European office hours, with the legal security of a company based in Germany. Do you have any questions? Then get in touch. We look forward to your call or email.