There are no backwards Windows games developers

If you are not a gamer, probably the first things you think of when you hear the words ‘Microsoft games’ are Mahjong and Minesweeper, and the various card you can play on your PC when you are bored. But that has nothing to do with today’s Windows games!

Indeed, the world of Windows games has become much more adventurous and challenging thanks to the unstoppable creativity of Windows games developers. Anyone can have access to thousands of games which are now available for Windows free of charge or at a certain fee.

The most popular categories are puzzle and word games, and action, adventure, sports, card, simulation and strategy games.

Not every Windows games developer

can fulfil your wishes

The demands made on Windows games developers are increasing every day. Every day the level of the games increase; there are always new games and animations entering the market which surpass other games in graphics and action. A good Windows games developer must always continuously educate themselves.

What good is a skilled software developer if they do not understand your business or your project? It’s therefore essential that you find the right Windows games developer, one who can adapt to the requirements of your project and who is reliable and can work together with the other members of your team. Good communication skills are a must in a games or animations developer!

Quality has its price

with us you will get the best value for money

At outsourcing4work, we will introduce you to a Windows games designer whose education (computer science degree), many years of experience (at least three years on international projects) and ambition will create an impressive Windows game. This developer is from one of our reputable partner companies in India, the world’s largest outsourcing market, and is available as a temporary or dedicated employee.

In addition, we provide a German and English speaking project manager who will answer your questions during European office hours, and who will be your contact person to the software developer in India. They will also keep you constantly informed on the current status of your project. This project manager will also have extensive international experience, which means there will be no cultural conflicts.

Our transparency is also reflected in our contracts. They are formulated and concluded in German or English, and are based in the European legal system, which is invaluable for you as a European company.

Our business model ‘outsourcing made in germany’ lets us offer you cost advantages which you can hardly find at any other provider. In addition, you will not need to concern yourself with any of the social security and insurance concerns of the new team member because they are already permanently employed in India.

The flexibility that we guarantee you goes even further! You are only billed for the time that the Windows games developer actually worked on your task.

Do you want to develop your own Windows game?

Then look no further. Get in touch with us by email or phone and tell us what the Windows game developer’s skills should be for your project. We will then show you the ways in which we can introduce you to this Windows software developer.