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The mouse was yesterday

Computer mouse icon

The finger is today

Today people like touch screens

Traditional websites were created for navigation on a normal PC with a mouse. If a website is accessed with a smartphone or a tablet, this requires a completely different technical implementation because it operated by the touch of a finger on a touchscreen. The website should also be able to be correctly displayed on different sized displays. We optimise your website with our responsive web design according to these important criteria.

Responsive web design for your perfect internet presence

The days when the internet was only accessed via desktop PCs or laptops are long gone. Nowadays, millions of people find information from the internet using their smartphone, iPad or other device. Recent studies have shown that this trend has grown rapidly, which means that it is incredibly important that your website displays perfectly on mobile internet devices with different sized screens.

What a responsive design should look like
Computer sind nicht mehr das web.

This is the web

There are many reasons for responsive web design

Sales of smartphones and tablets have skyrocketed, while sales of conventional computers, laptops and mobile phones have stagnated, and even declined in their development. Mobile use of the internet has never been so popular, and optimised websites are essential for a company to reach their potential audience.

When designing a website it’s no longer enough to fill it with original and informative content, but it also must be able to be accessed by all internet enabled devices imaginable.

With responsive web design your website will work flawlessly and display perfectly on displays of all sizes.

Your website on a mobile phone shouldn't upset you