The best Unreal developers let their creativity run free

Impressive graphics in complex and realistic games for computers and consoles are the outstanding strengths of the Unreal Engine, which was originally published as a game engine by Tim Sweeney from Epic Games (previously Epic MegaGames) in 1998. The first developed game series Unreal Engine is especially well-known and popular for the seamless representation of a connected game world.

Now in its fourth generation, Unreal Engine 4 has been made available for free download by Epic Games, including the source code. It belongs to the three most widely used 3D engines.

Along with the high number of animated games, it is also used for VR applications, animated films and architectural visualizations.

They are specialists in animations in virtual reality:

Unreal developers

Are you looking for a qualified software developer who will bring exciting 3D animations with seamless transitions between indoor and vast outdoor landscapes onto the screen? Do you want to transport your customers to a fantasy world? Do you marvel at stunning graphics in games or animated films and wish that you could integrate the underlying technology into your projects?

Then you need the services of a highly qualified Unreal developer who can expand your team with their innovative and original ideas, and, at the same time, convert the specific parameters of your project at into their work.

The right Unreal developer for your project is already available

The search for the right Unreal developer can be difficult and time consuming for smaller and medium-sized enterprises in Europe.

But it can be easier!

With our business model of outsourcing made in Germany, we offer you Unreal developers who are permanently employed at our reputable partner companies in India, the world’s largest outsourcing market. We also ensure that these Unreal developers have completed a computer science degree, have at least three years of relevant experience in international projects and are especially knowledgeable.

These Unreal developers work tirelessly to ensure the success of your project and see themselves as a full member of your team. As our client, you will not need to worry about any of the social security or insurance obligations.

We offer you IT outsourcing with European project management. You will benefit from a German and English speaking project manager who is available in Europe during European office hours, and who will keep you up-to-date on the current status of the work of your Unreal developer. They will be your direct contact person who is always in communication with your software developer in India.

You will receive a detailed overview of the costs. We only bill for the time actually worked by your Unreal developer, giving you an important cost advantage.

At outsourcing4work we want to see eye-to-eye with our clients even before concluding a contract. All of our client contracts are in German or English, and are based under the European legal system. It can’t be more transparent than this.

You are in the right place with us

Take the opportunity to contact us. We are available during European business hours by email or phone, meaning you could soon welcome your own Unreal Developer to your team. We look forward to hearing from you!