Good education or good rates?

Our Typo3 developers offer both

Typo3 is a global content management system framework for websites. The first Typo3 version was written by the Danish developer Kasper Skårhøj. Nowadays Typo3 and the various new resulting products are further developed by two international developer teams and are offered to users as free software without charge.

Typo3 is a powerful and strong CMS. However, it is also a very complex system, Typo3 developers and administrators usually only have complete mastery of the system after extensive education. An official certification for Typo3 developers has existed since 2008, yet there is no standardized education and no official support. Generally, Typo3 developers learn to use the system in seminars and through books, which contain information from forums, blogs, tutorials and experience from the Typo3 developer community.

Therefore the skills of a Typo3 developer can be very broad. They can range from lowly qualified to semi-professional developers up to highly qualified and expensive specialists. Clients often have to face the difficult assessment of the Typo3 developer’s skills and the uncertainty of a realistic budget calculation.