With dynamic processes we ensure
the economic success of our customers
and for the satisfaction of all employees.

With dynamic processes we ensure
the economic success of our customers
and for the satisfaction of all employees.

Customers from various industries

Here you will find some of our best practice examples from our everyday work

Software company with in-house development

Digital agency needs permanent staff

Tourism e-business company with planning security

E-commerce agency develops JTL shop templates

Online-Game provider: 560 hours of Unity 3d developers

560 hours of Unity 3D developers
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Advertising agency employs Indian Magento developers

320 hours of Magento developers
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Web agency is looking for xt: commerce developer

Publishing house develops media portals

Typo3 and Ruby on Rails
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Digital agency as part of a publishing group

Flexible working hours and time accounts

Every employee has a time account with us and benefits from flexible working hours. This way we ensure an ideal work-life balancehat has a significant impact on the satisfaction and also the productivity of all employees.

Paid training in the form of e-learning

We know that our company is only as strong as our employees. For this reason, we offer our team the opportunity to use paid e-learning services on Linkedin. These are available to our employees, both during working hours and in their free time.

E-Learning Ninja of the month

We reward professional and personal development. Every month we elect the e-learning ninja of the month and we reward this with a bonus.

Virtual active break and remote all-company events

We enable all employees to take a daily paid virtual coffee break or virtual active break at a set time. Here we get to know each other, discuss current topics, practise yoga or chair workouts and can thus interact with each other personally and at eye level. Additionally, we regularly hold remote-all-company meetings. With humorous questions and employee quizzes we make sure that the ice breaks quickly and all employees get involved.

Work equipment

Our employees have the choice of “bring your own device” and of provided work equipment, like a laptop, headset or a standing desk.

Daily meetings and retrospectives

Our teams exchange information daily in a short stand-up meeting and in regular retrospectives. Thus, optimal co-operation is promoted, processes can be improved and goals can be set together.

Fun Channel

Our Fun Channel gives our employees the opportunity to meet virtually outside working hours and, for example, to review the day together at an after-work event. With the Fun channel we offer an in-house solution to meet without extended rules and constraints to network and exchange ideas. The creation of content lies naturally in the hands of the participants.

Reach the goal together: our solutions for functioning

As a 100% remote company, we have established various solutions. There is a life at work and there is a life outside work. We want everyone to be healthy, have the opportunity to travel lots, get involved and have the financial means and support that they need.