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SQLite is a free database system which was released in 2000, and is increasing in popularity with SQLite developers due to the boom in web-based or mobile applications.

The SQLite program library provides a relational database system for the software developers, which is able to be fully integrated into the application. It requires no running database server application, and database files can be easily saved, shared and distributed. Without any tedious administration!

Why you need a SQLite developer

For mobile applications to work in your company you need available data, such as your customer base, information on your inventory, contracts and orders, and so on. Databases which were hosted in the cloud met the required functions of data saving and management for a time. However, this had the disadvantage that the mobile application needed to be functional, and have an active and fast network connection to be able to access the data.

The solution: embedded databases such as SQLite. Developers can link these easy-to-use, network independent libraries to mobile applications (static or dynamic), and then use them to create and manage their own private or shared databases directly on the device. Anything is possible from installation to the creation of tables, up to storing, updating and deleting records.

Are you more active in consumer electronics or in mobile data acquisition systems? SQLite developers can work magic with these as well. SQLite is also found in embedded systems, such as mobile phones and MP3 players.

Only the best is good enough for you

If you are looking for highly qualified SQLite developers, then you are in the right place with us. We can offer you professional software developers who are perfectly suited to your project thanks to their education (computer science degree) and their many years of international project experience (at least 3 years).

These SQLite developers are permanently employed at our partner companies in India – the world’s largest outsourcing market – which means you will not need to deal with any administrative obligations, and will still benefit from the exceptional rates. We offer flexibility when employing a developer: you choose if you would like to book at project at a fixed price, or the SQLite developer as a temporary employee. If you would like, we can provide you with one or more permanent employees with our dedicated model.

We guarantee, with our outsourcing made in germany. business model, that you will not only receive the necessary expertise and technical support you need to implement your project, but also reliability and risk minimisation. This includes European contracts based in Europe and German and English speaking project managers who will be available to answer questions and keep you informed during European business hours.

We are happy to advise you

Let us take over the search for an exceptional SQLite developer for you, and you can relax knowing that this specialist will implement your ideas and plans knowledgeably and reliably. Get in touch with us by email or phone – and soon you will receive an overview on what we can do for you.