How SQL developers bring their

databases to life

The database language SQL (structured query language) ,created as SEQUEL in the 1970s, is for the definition of data structures in relational databases, as well as for the storing, editing and querying of data in relational databases.

This opened up new possibilities for SQL developers because it is straightforward to start using SQL. SQL is based on relational algebra; its syntax is quite simple in design and semantically close to the English language. You can retrieve data in the database using queries and receive responses via application software.

The best SQL developers always listen

with an open ear to your wishes

An SQL developer supports you and your projects by developing creative and sustainable solutions according to your requirements and wishes. This includes the concept, design and realization of database processes, up to the implementation and testing of the software. If you already have databases, an SQL developer can analyse them and recommend improvement options and implement them.

Each individual company’s needs are different when it comes to databases and therefore it is important that the SQL developer can adapt to any situation. They must be a specialised software developer and strong team player at the same time.

Outsourcing software development – not only for large companies

Do you not want to hire a European SQL developer due to the high rates? It’s too difficult to choose from the many freelancers online, and too risky?

outsourcing4work lets you remain flexible and keeps your costs low.

We offer communicative and reliable SQL developers who will complete the tasks given to them for the databases in your projects. These experts are permanently employed at our partner companies in India and have a successfully completed a computer science degree, and have at least three years of project experience. They are very familiar with the development, analysis and adjustment of SQL databases.

To ensure easy communication, we provide you with a European project manager who is contactable by phone, email or in person during European office hours and who will support you. Do not be put off by the geographic distance between you and the SQL developer.

For you as a small or medium sized enterprise we have developed the concept of outsourcing made in germany. It allows you to benefit from the advantages of outsourcing to software developers. Your risk protection is important to us, therefore all of our contracts are either in German or English, based in the European legal system and the project language is German or English. You will not have any administrative obligations to the employment of the SQL developer, but can instead concentrate fully on the implementation of your project.

Do you want to get started? Easy!

Get in touch with us by email or telephone and we will contact you as soon as possible with an overview of the appropriate options for your project. We offer you support and advice in the search for the right SQL developer. You and your databases will soon be in the fast lane!