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Excellent SPS developers are sought-after experts on the European market. They contribute to a large share of a company’s success thanks to their professional expertise which they use for programmable logic controllers for their equipment and machinery. The special challenge of an SPS developer is always remaining up-to-date. They must know the newest technical standards for control software and be able to use it to guarantee maximum security for the company. This sets a less qualified SPS developer apart from a top-rate one.

The cost-effective alternative:

Outsourcing made in germany.

Since SPS programming as an established plant and machine standard, the demand for a good software developer is rising. And it comes with a price. Highly qualified and affordable SPS developers are hard to find on the European market. Many companies are faced with a seemingly insurmountable dilemma: either use less-qualified software developers and run a security risk, or compete for one of the few highly experienced SPS developers.

At Outsourcing4work you won’t have to choose between either/or. We offer you a high-quality, but affordable alternative: Outsourcing made in germany. This unique offshore Outsourcing concept is based the strengths of two economies: the Indian and the European. We combine expertise of an experienced European company with the huge human resources and the low wage costs of the Indian market. As our client, you will benefit directly from these advantages.

SPS developer for every project:

you have the choice with Outsourcing4work!

India has a nearly unlimited pool of software developers as the world’s largest Outsourcing market. Among these developers, you will find a number of excellent SPS developers who are available to your company as offshore employees. Simply define exactly what your needs are and Outsourcing4work is guaranteed to find the right candidate(s) for you. Our SPS developers are experienced in all technologies, programs and services related to your stored program controls. These include, among others:

  • SPS programming with Siemens S7, Codesys, Rockwell Control Logix, Factory Talk View, Tia, WinCC Flexible and other programming languages.
  • Application of cycle-oriented and event-driven SPS.
  • Creation of installation specific control and HMI software.
  • Maintenance and implementation of the SPS.
  • Program documentation in English, if necessary also in German.
  • Visualisation and access to higher-level systems.
  • Complete project support in automation technology.
  • Extensive bug fixes in software.

In addition to these services our SPS developers also have many years of experience in the IT industry, as well as having spent many months abroad or in international projects. Many of our software developers studied at one of the Institutes of Technology; these universities have an excellent reputation far beyond the country’s borders.

Ask us!

Do you have any questions on Outsourcing made in germany. or are you unsure if offshore Outsourcing is right for you? Then get in touch with us. You can contact us on the phone, electronically or personally. Our German and English speaking project managers will be on hand to answer your questions. Maybe soon you will be welcoming one of our SPS developers as your new offshore team member.