Software testers vouch for the software’s quality

The worst thing that can happen when launching a new program on the market are errors in operation. Special measures are therefore necessary to ensure consistent quality. A software tester tests the software for any possible errors prior to delivery and rates them according to pre-defined requirements. This ensures that the software actually meets all the requirements. The findings from the test will help troubleshoot the software errors. This is the real meaning of software testing: an error free setup.

Software testers test quality

Although a software tester cannot guarantee that there are no more errors remaining in the software, they can successfully complete specific test cases. The more experience a software tester has, the more the launch of the program can be ensured. Thanks to our many experienced software testers from our India partner companies, many vulnerabilities have been detected and eliminated before the release of the software. This is a very important service for our clients, one which ensures the quality of their products and protects the company’s name. A properly conducted software test is an investment in the future – problem-free software makes for happy customers.

We offer various services for software testing:

  • Security test
  • Performance test
  • Manual test service
  • Unit test
  • Compatibility test
  • and many more

The overall objective of software testing is to measure the quality of the program. Previously defined requirements serve as a test reference, one with which errors can be uncovered. This then prevents the effect of errors in the productive operation. Various test procedures compile test results to assess the real quality, which is a prerequisite for the operational processes.

First and foremost, high quality software tests should inspire confidence. Whether it’s to prepare a program for installation at a client, for publication on a platform or a new version for sale: A software test protects the developer from potential errors and creates trust in the customer.

outsourcing4work offers its clients professional software testers from India with years of experience. With the security of a company based in Europe, we offer outsourcing made in Germany. Our software testers can check your entire software for errors on request and give you the peace of mind that your products are ready to be delivered to your customers.

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