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A few years ago, smartwatches were unheard of – and now everyone is talking about them, and wearing them! It has turned into a real customer magnet. One of the main reasons is the launch of the Apple Watch in the beginning of 2015. The American company once again started a trend and created a huge market out of the niche business of smartwatches. Samsung, Sony and others are already a part of the trend and have brought their own smartwatches onto the market.

The increased demand for smartwatches has revolutionised the work of the app developer. They have to build complementary solutions to adapt existing smartphone apps to smartwatches. Or they develop new innovative smartwatch apps which correspond to the special features of the product and the operating system.

Knowledgeable and experienced software developers

for your smartwatch apps

At outsourcing4work you will definitely find the right software developer for your smartwatch apps. Our IT professionals come exclusively from India; the world’s largest outsourcing market. They do not only have a large amount of technical expertise in the development of smartwatch apps, but they also very experienced in the field of app development. We guarantee this to our clients.

Our highly qualified app developers are very experienced in the specific requirements for smartwatches. They make sure that the smartwatch app user can use it flexibly on the go, during sports or when shopping, and that the user can see everything at a glance. The relatively small display size plays a crucial role because the smartwatch app design must be reduced to purely the relevant information – in contrast to phablets, tablets and smartphones. Our software developers from outsourcing4work are happy to take on this challenge.

You are always spot-on with outsourcing4work!

Regular contact and good communication between the smartwatch apps developer and the client is essential to bring a successful product to market. We at outsourcing4work will ensure that this collaboration works smoothly. Therefore we take care when selecting our Indian software developers to ensure that your individual requirements are implemented fully, and that the candidate fits to your company and the respective project.

Our offshore outsourcing concept is complemented by our special comprehensive risk protection for our European clients, which includes the following services:

  • German and English speaking project managers who are available during office hours
  • Contracts in German or English and based in the European legal system.
  • German or English as the project language
  • Security of an established European company.
  • Full transparency of our business model
  • A no-obligation, free consultation prior to taking on our employees
  • Maximum flexibility for our clients
  • Administrative support of offshore developers

See for yourself!

Only practice will show how good an outsourcing concept truly is. We at outsourcing4work also know this. Our dedicated and experienced developers and we do everything to ensure our customers are satisfied. Visit us in our office in Weiterstadt or describe your project to us on the phone. We will send you a first-rate assessment within 24 hours. Don’t wait, and get in touch with outsourcing made in germany.