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Silverlight developers reach deep into their bag of tricks

Silverlight is a free browser plug-in from Microsoft which can show multimedia web content on a stunning scale. Regardless of the operating system (Windows, Apple Mac OS X, or Linux) and browsers, experienced Silverlight developers can realise complex applications like video streams, animated web games or interactive multimedia content thanks to a wide range of implemented programming languages such as AJAX, Visual Basic, C#, or JavaScript with Silverlight.

Professional Silverlight developers make magic happen

The possibilities with a Silverlight developer are practically limitless when it comes to how they can quickly and efficiently redesign or spice up your internet presence with multimedia elements. Professional software developers focus from the start to the end of the project on you and your target group – and your budget.

You will know that you have the right developer for your project because they adapt their work specifically to your needs and understand that their work on your project is not a “one man show”. They fit into your team well and support your project with expertise, creativity and reliability.

Quality without a catch: software developers from India

You can forget about these risks with our business model of Outsourcing made in germany. The Silverlight developers that we would like to introduce you to are all permanently employed at our Indian partner companies, and have successfully completed a computer science degree with many years of experience in international projects. They are complete team players, work carefully and reliably on every project and proactively bring their ideas and expertise.

Worried that India is too far away? Don’t be! We bridge the geographical distance between you and your software developer with a European project manager, who will be available to you during European business hours, and who will remain in regular contact with the Indian Silverlight developer. You don’t need to speak any foreign languages! The project language is German or English with us.

Transparency and flexibility are our number one priority. You will receive contracts in German or English, based in the European legal system. You decide which of our models is best for you: you can have an entire team for the implementation of a specific project, or just one developer who works as a temporary or dedicated employee, meaning they only work exclusively on your project. We follow your wishes as closely as possible!

Benefit from our nearly 20 years of experience on the market, and from the cost advantages of our concept ‘Outsourcing made in germany., which was specifically developed for your needs as a European company.

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