If you use Shopware you need a Shopware developer

Shopware is a popular online shop system, especially in the German speaking world. Since the start of its development in 2004 it has been continuously expanded and improved, and nowadays it is one the market leaders in online trading in the DACH countries.

Shopware’s special strengths lie in its modular design and its low complexity in some respects. Simple shops with basic functions can be created relatively easily with Shopware, even without the help of a professional Shopware developer or agency. However, this advantage hides some risks: many operators who develop their shops with an external Shopware developer are later overwhelmed by implementing later modules or maintenance. Or their business becomes so successful that they have no time to maintain the front and back ends of their shops.  They need the help of an experienced Shopware developer to ensure that operation continues, and they need to let the Shopware developer take over any further expansions.