Faster and more efficient work

with a SharePoint developer

SharePoint is a portal software developed by Microsoft which allows efficient, cross-team collaboration by using an integrated web page infrastructure. Since beginning development in 2001, the web application has been extended with numerous tools and today is one of the fastest growing business-server products.

SharePoint’s strengths lie in its consolidated documents management and its extensive community features. Companies can quickly and efficiently build websites, an intranet or an extranet which is not strictly defined and can be flexibly adapted to other business needs. In this way the collective corporate knowledge is combined which increases employee productivity and creates a competitive advantage. At least, that’s what should happen. What often happens instead is that companies without a specialized SharePoint developer become overwhelmed with the use of content containers and the integration of web parts. Or your company is expanding quickly and there’s no time to oversee the care of your SharePoint servers on your own. You then need to desperately consider either hiring your own SharePoint developer, or to rely on a high-quality offshore outsourcing software developer from outsourcing4work.