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With the rapid market growth for software products and new technologies, as well as the growing number of opportunities for customers to communicate with each other, the requirements for software security have also become increased. Software security threats are complex, diverse and take on larger proportions. A security tester is very helpful to have, as they test the software before delivery for possible vulnerabilities and vulnerable places, and therefore minimise the risk for manufacturers and users. This ensures that the software actually meets all the requirements. The findings gained in security testing will help troubleshoot software errors. That is the real meaning behind these safety tests: an error-free setup, to ensure data security and protection against cyber-attacks.

Security testers assess quality:

Outsourcing made in germany

Although a security testing cannot guarantee that there are no more security vulnerabilities, it can successfully complete specific test cases. The more experience a security tester has, the more secure the operation of the program. With our experienced security testers in our Indian partner companies, we can detect and eliminate many vulnerabilities before release. For our customers, this is a very important service that ensures the quality of their products and protects their reputation. A properly performed security test is an investment in the future: hassle-free and safe software ensures satisfied customers.

In the field of software testing we also offer various other services in addition to security testing:

  • Performance test
  • Manual test service
  • Unit test
  • Compatibility test
  • Test automation
  • Function test
  • Code review
  • Game review
  • App test
  • SAP test
  • and many more

More security for your software – with Outsourcing4work

Outsourcing4work provides professional software testers from India with years of experience to its clients. All of our software testers have studied computer science and have at least three years of experience in international projects. We offer you Outsourcing made in germany. with the security of a company based in Europe. On request, our software tester will check your entire software for security issues and give you the peace of mind that your products are ready for delivery to your customers.  European project managers are on hand to assist with the communication with India.

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We provide you with our educated and knowledgeable employees at affordable rates.  Our concept of Outsourcing made in germany. guarantees you problem-free communication with the best software testers in India. They in turn are permanently employed at our Indian partner companies and are known throughout the world for their expertise. Large international companies already do it: they have outsourced many of their tasks to India. And now you can too with Outsourcing made in germany. To benefit from this professional solution, get in touch with us now. We will find a reliable solution for your software!