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More than 70 percent of all SAP clients come from the mid-tier: the software supports those companies who decide for themselves to grow, to operate successfully and to automate business processes. The business solution combines many functions and supports the areas of management, financial accounting, settlement with banks and other financial institutes, sales, purchasing, customer relationship management, inventory control, manufacturing,  internal billing and reporting. This brings benefits to many users: management and employees can better process information and make informed business decisions.

Quality assurance with SAP testers:

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To ensure that the software runs efficiently and really delivers on its promises to the customer, software testers are a must. Designated software testers check the software and put it through its paces.  The SAP tester will focus on three areas: end-to-end testing, functional testing and performance testing. The SAP software is then tested for vulnerabilities and errors, and is then checked to see if the software actually brings the productivity it promises and software testers find out whether or not the entire process runs smoothly. In order to ensure that you know if the SAP software delivers what it promises, a skilled professional must do the testing: a software tester with experience and expertise.

More security for your SAP software

with Outsourcing4work

And this is where Outsourcing4work comes in. Outsourcing4work offers its clients the solution of professional software testers from India with outsourcing made in germany.   The SAP testers have many years of international experience and have all successfully completed a computer science degree. We offer you outsourcing made in germany. with the security of a company based in Europe. Our SAP tester will check your entire SAP software on request for errors and discrepancies and will give you the secure knowledge that your product is absolutely secure and compatible. You will also not need to worry about any linguistic or cultural difficulties. Our European project managers will be by your side throughout your collaboration with the Indian professionals.

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We provide you with our educated and knowledgeable employees at extremely affordable rates.  Our concept of outsourcing made in germany. guarantees you problem-free communication with the best software developers in India. They in turn are permanently employed at our Indian partner companies and are known throughout the world for their expertise. Large international companies also do it; they outsource many of their tasks to the subcontinent. India’s strong position on the outsourcing market is not for no reason. And now you can use outsourcing made in germany. To benefit from this professional solution, get in touch with us. We are happy to advise you and find a secure solution!