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The right solution for
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Remote and Relocation

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The right solution for every project: remote or on-site staff

Every customer and every project has its own individual requirements. At Outsourcing4work we have set ourselves the goal of finding the best individual solution for our customers. We can provide qualified Indian IT specialists for your company within two to four weeks. With our future-proof remote model, we integrate IT staff into your workflows who are permanently employed by one of our partner companies in India. Do you need developers on-site in your company? Then we would be happy to find on-site personnel for you.

The Remote Process: How we find convincing IT professionals for you

The successful search for a suitable candidate begins with a precise definition of your needs. Together with our IT coordinators (Scrum Masters), you determine the specific requirements of your desired candidate because your project can only achieve the desired dynamics with an ideal cast. Through our long-standing cooperation with established partners, we have access to a pool of over 5,000 candidates. The IT specialists are permanently employed by our partner companies. We study CVs of suitable IT employees and conduct initial interviews. Only candidates who fit your requirement profile will be passed on to you. In the next step, we will conduct interviews with the potential candidates together with you. You can convince yourself of the candidates’ professional competence by means of test questions. Our IT coordinators (Scrum Master) take over the organisation of the tests. In the end, you decide which IT employees you want to integrate into your team.

The contract between you and Outsourcing4work is then concluded. Then nothing stands in the way of successful collaboration: your new IT employee starts working remotely for your company. We will remain at your side and support you in the smooth integration of the new IT specialist into your work processes. Our certified German IT coordinators accompany you in the cooperation and establish a permanent connection between all team members.

Advantages and success factors: What distinguishes our future-oriented remote model

When employees worldwide work together regardless of location, professional competence, transparency, agility and, last but not least, perfect management are decisive success factors. Our well-established digital infrastructure and communication structure contributes to our success: At Outsourcing4work, all team members are permanently connected via MS Teams. In daily online Scrum meetings of maximum 15 minutes, progress and ideas, but also hurdles and challenges as well as possible solutions are exchanged. Project management is cloud-based for the entire team. By checking the work results (code) daily in a cloud-based version software, you can track the progress of your project. You get full transparency of the work performed through our cloud-based time recording system with real-time performance documentation. This also allows invoicing accurate to the minute. If required, there is the possibility of on-site meetings at our customers’ premises with the German IT coordinators or the Indian IT staff.

Through Outsourcing4work, you can employ IT specialists at moderate conditions (all-inclusive). This includes the remote work of an IT specialist who is permanently employed by one of our partner companies in India. The IT specialist has a degree in computer science and works exclusively for your company. The price includes a certified German IT coordinator (Scrum Master). The costs for IT professionals depend on the technology requested (HTML, PHP, Java, SharePoint, SAP, …) and the desired professional experience (junior, senior or expert). The invoicing is accurate to the minute.

IT experts on-site in your company: the relocation process

Sometimes personal contact with the company and your own IT department, as well as working directly on-site, are indispensable. Therefore, as an alternative to our remote model, we also have Indian IT specialists to work on-site at your company. Initially, the process is similar to our remote model: we analyse your needs, look for IT specialists who match exactly to your profile and present you with the most convincing candidates. After detailed interviews and tests to check your professional competence, you decide on your ideal candidate.

Once you have selected the right employees, you sign a contract with your new employee. If you allow your new IT expert to start the trial period in India (remote work), nothing stands in the way of an immediate start of your collaboration. Another advantage: You have the opportunity to get to know your new employee better before he or she moves to Germany. We support you in the bureaucratic process regarding visa and work permit.

Relocation with Outsourcing4work: Simply finding qualified IT personnel

In our relocation model, we provide you with highly qualified specialists to complement your local IT team. This way you can bring expertise and know-how into your company – regardless of the location of your company and the regional availability of software specialists. With Outsourcing4work, the integration of Indian IT specialists is completely uncomplicated because we take over the search for a suitable candidate as well as the bureaucratic handling for you.

Are you looking for qualified IT specialists? Convince yourself personally of our joint approach to reach the goal and contact us for a free consultation.