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Social Media Recruiting

Social Media Recruiting? Mit Outsourcing4work erfolgreich zum Ziel!

Social Media Recruitment: Hinter diesem Begriff verbirgt sich eine moderne Form der Rekrutierung von Fachkräften für besondere Unternehmenspositionen. Gutes Social Media Recruiting verfolgt dabei grundsätzlich zwei Ziele: Geeignete Kandidaten für eine bestimmte Stelle zu finden und zugleich die Arbeitgebermarke auszubauen und bekannter zu machen.

Mit Social Media Recruiting lässt sich mittels durchdacht inszenierter Rekrutierungskampagnen der Zustrom von zahlreichen Personen innerhalb der relevanten Zielgruppen erreichen. Der Pool geeigneter Kandidaten, für die zu besetzenden Funktionen in einer Firma, wird dadurch effektiv geregelt um die besten Bewerber zu finden. Im Ergebnis sollen die fähigsten Fachkräfte ins Unternehmen geholt werden. Outsourcing4work ist genau der richtige Partner, um die vielen Vorzüge von Social Media Recruiting gewinnbringend für Ihr Unternehmen zu nutzen.

Viele soziale Netzwerke warten auf Ihre Stellenausschreibung!

Wenn Sie auf der Suche nach geeigneten Bewerbern für eine bestimmte Stelle sind und sich die zahlreichen Vorteile des Social Media Recruiting zunutze machen wollen, stehen viele soziale Netzwerke bereit, Ihre Stellenausschreibung regional, deutschlandweit oder sogar global zu kommunizieren.

Zu den von Outsourcing4work genutzten Kanälen gehören unter anderem:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Xing
  • Twitter

Je nach anvisierter Zielgruppe entscheiden unsere Social Media Recruiting-Experten, welche sozialen Netzwerke sich für Ihre individuelle Stellenausschreibung am besten eignen – selbstverständlich in enger Abstimmung mit Ihnen.

Social Media Recruiting? Successfully reach your goal with Outsourcing4work!

Social media recruitment refers to a modern way of recruiting professionals for special positions within a company. Good social media recruiting essentially pursues two objectives: finding suitable candidates for a specific position and also expanding the employer brand to make it better known.

With social media recruiting, the influx of numerous people within the relevant target groups can be achieved by means of well-thought-out recruitment campaigns. The pool of suitable candidates for the positions to be filled within a company is thereby regulated effectively in order to select the best applicants. As a result, the most capable professionals are brought into your company.Oustourcing4work is your perfect partner, as we utilize the multiple advantages of social media recruiting profitably for your company.

Find candidates across social networks

  • It may not be obvious at first glance, but experts have known this for a long time: we live in a talent market where the use of social media as a tool to gather relevant information about potential employers is greater than ever before.
  • This digital transformation means that it is no longer sufficient for employers to simply post job advertisements on job boards or career sites when searching for suitable professionals. Since nearly all job seekers are active here, candidates can hardly be reached using traditional means.
  • With the help of social media recruiting, the experts at Outsourcing4work can help you search for the right talent in the right target groups by using the latest technology in the field of social media. Your company is put into the spotlight when it’s clearly presented on Facebook, etc. This will only strengthen the brand awareness of your company further, both nationally and internationally.

Professional target group optimization

  • Professional and structured target group optimization as part of the social media recruiting project can ensure that interested applicants spend more time looking at an online job posting. Our social media recruiting experts have many viable solutions ready to bring your recruitment campaign to life. This applies to one-off job advertisements just as much, as in cases where you would prefer to trigger hundreds of job postings and social media campaigns every year.
  • Outsourcing4work’s specialist team will gladly create your company-specific recruiting campaign based on your brand, corporate culture, company’s philosophy, and the services you commission from us. Total commitment and fair prices remain at the forefront of what we do. Depending on the job position and candidate group, we use text, images, and videos. After all, we want to be your reliable, top-of-the-list partner when it comes to social media recruiting.
  • Just remember – social media recruiting offers you the opportunity to communicate interactively with potential parties and applicants, to be noticed across the globe, and to react quickly to inquiries or changing information needs. Handling the specifics of social media networks must, of course, be learned. But with a strong partner like Outsourcing4work, you will soon become a master.

Digital specialists from Outsourcing4work will optimize your recruitment campaign

  • Modern social media provides the opportunity to communicate a recruitment campaign specifically to identify candidate target groups. Owing to the vast experience and modern technological know-how of our digital specialists, Outsourcing4work can help you in optimizing your recruitment process.
  • While focused entirely on the profile of the job position in question, our experts identify candidate pools, prepare AI algorithms, and then activate them alongside the job posting on social media.

Choose Outsourcing4work for your social media recruiting needs!

Are you interested in recruiting via social media channels? Would you like a service provider with fair conditions, that is both competent and reliable for the task?

Outsourcing4work is the perfect fit for you. With our experience, state-of-the-art technical infrastructure, and a motivated team, we are at your disposal. Contact us to arrange a free initial consultation for your next social media recruiting job!