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Applicant Management System

Moderne Funktionen und Werkzeuge

Ein Bewerbermanagementsystem (häufig auch als Applicant-Tracking-System – ATS – bezeichnet) bildet Rekrutierungsprozesse digital ab. Der gesamte Verlauf des Bewerbungsverfahrens – von der Ausschreibung über die Sichtung eingehender Interessenbekundungen bis hin zur Durchführung von Vorstellungsgesprächen und der finalen Einstellung – wird mit verschiedenen modernen technischen Funktionen und Werkzeugen begleitet. Auf diese Weise kann das Rekrutierungsverfahren insgesamt erheblich vereinfacht und das strategische wie operative Personalmanagement nachhaltig erleichtert werden. Im Ergebnis lässt sich nicht nur eine Menge Zeit und Geld sparen, vielmehr steigt grundsätzlich auch die Qualität der Auswahl- und Einstellungsentscheidungen. Wir nutzen ein erprobtes Bewerbermanagementsystem, mit dem Sie für den Rekrutierungsprozess bestens aufgestellt sind.

Rekrutierungsprozesse erfolgreich optimieren – mit einem professionellen Bewerbermanagementsystem

Für nicht wenige Unternehmen stellen Rekrutierungsprozesse eine echte Herausforderung dar. Je höher die Anforderungen an die einzelnen Kandidaten sind und je spezieller das zu besetzende Fachgebiet ist, desto schwieriger gestaltet sich die Suche nach passenden Fachkräften. Um hier schneller und vor allem einfacher und kostengünstiger zum Ziel zu kommen, stehen den Personalabteilungen heute funktionale Bewerbermanagementsysteme zur Verfügung. Mit ihnen wird die Rekrutierung von neuen Mitarbeitern erheblich erleichtert und der gesamte Einstellungsprozess maßgeblich beschleunigt. Outsourcing4work setzt in diesem Bereich auf professionelle Bewerbermanagement-Lösungen – auch für Ihr Unternehmen.

Modern functions and tools

An applicant management system (often referred to as an Applicant Tracking System or ATS) digitally maps recruitment processes. The entire course of the application process – from advertising the role to the sifting of incoming letters of interest to the holding of interviews and the final hiring – is accompanied by various modern technical functions and tools. This simplifies the whole recruitment process significantly, and strategic and operational personnel management can be made easier in the long term. As a result, not only can a lot of time and money be saved, but the quality of selection and recruitment decisions also increases. We use a tried and tested applicant management system that puts you in the best possible position for the recruitment process.

Applicant management with Outsourcing4work – what are the benefits?

The advantages of a secure and well-thought-out applicant management system are clear.The obvious benefit of an ATS is not only that it offers higher speed and simplification in recruiting candidates, but that it optimizes the overall business process functions within a human resource department. Further benefits include:

  • The recording of applicant requirements
  • The registration and administration of incoming applicants
  • The maintenance and administration of applicant data
  • Different comparison tools for individual applicants
  • The follow-up of the entire application process
  • The conduct of (video) interviews
  • The establishment of individual system access rights
  • The preparation of the employment contract

Numerous advantages for companies and applicants

Good applicant management systems enable employers and recruitment agencies to fully optimize the recruitment process. The solution utilized by Outsourcing4work guarantees quicker, error-free and easy processing for employee and contact data. Human resources departments and managers are, therefore, able to find suitable candidates efficiently and in a targeted manner in every respect and to follow them during the application process.

At the same time, a professional applicant management system also has numerous benefits for the candidates themselves. The well-thought-out and thus logically coordinated steps help in the selection and, later on, the hiring process to symbolize the integrity and reliability of the advertising company. Each applicant feels valued. This has a positive effect on third parties beyond the direct relationship between the advertising company and the candidate. The experience of a perfect application process is passed on. Even rejected candidates will ideally give positive feedback about the company that advertised the vacancy.

A good applicant management system, therefore, pays off in several ways.

Security and data protection ensured

In the course of an advertising and recruitment process, a lot of personal data is generated – both about individual applicants and about the contact persons within the company. In addition, sensitive company information is sometimes exchanged, which should not fall into the wrong hands. The applicant management system used by Outsourcing4work takes these issues into account and is optimally designed in terms of security and data protection. This means the entire recruitment process is managed in a single system – all the way from the initial job planning to the final hiring of a candidate. In this way, unauthorized third parties have no access to the stored data, which is another plus point of professional applicant management solutions.


Would you like a little more? The additional services of Outsourcing4work.

Our additional services include, approaching potential candidates directly via social media channels and designing and publishing job advertisements in daily newspapers. If desired, we can also offer support in designing a website tailored to the respective advertisement process. Our experienced experts from the field of recruitment process Outsourcing will be happy to offer advice and assistance.

Well-connected – Internally and externally

A good applicant management system offers a large number of advantages. In addition to a database of applicants, efficient workflow management, and the possibility of presenting the entire selection process in a single application, a professional system offers you the chance to connect with the individual players in the application process. You can therefore communicate with the candidates themselves as well as with individual departments and the works council. You are also connected to third-party providers such as HR Payroll or the operators of online assessment and video streaming via appropriate interfaces.

Are you looking for a modern applicant management system? Outsourcing4work has got it!

Rely on a professional applicant management system – Here at Outsourcing4work, we are by your side during the entire recruitment process. We will gladly advise you in full and explain the many advantages of our services in a free initial consultation.