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Skilled Workers!

Active Sourcing

Find suitably qualified professionals with active sourcing from outsourcing4work

Active sourcing describes a contemporary and often highly promising tool for finding skilled workers or specific employees for a company. Potential candidates are identified and recruited through targeted personal contact. This direct approach within the framework of active sourcing is as discreet as it is efficient and has a high chance of success when done with outsourcing4work!


Stronger together. Successful together.

  • Our work is always based on a sustainable, close, and cooperative partnership with you. We regard each individual recruitment project as a personal challenge and use experts who go about their work with a great deal of experience and enthusiasm. Once you, the customer, have outlined your requests and ideas for the specialist you are looking for, we will assemble a team to develop the best possible strategy for the speedy recruitment of the suitable candidate.
  • We always take an individual approach – but at the same time, we are reliable and goal-oriented. The vacant position can then be filled, with the ideal employee, within the agreed time frame.

Our network for your success

To ensure that we quickly find suitable candidates for the vacant position in your company, we work together with a reliable network of partners and active sourcing players and draw on customer-specific pools. In this way, we quickly identify one or more suitable specialists before approaching them in a targeted manner.

Much more than a little detective work

  • Undoubtedly, active sourcing involves detective work. Yet it is so much more. During the process of finding a suitable candidate, it’s not only the professional competencies and reliability of the person in question that needs to be checked. It’s also important to present you and your company as an interesting employer. The persuasive arguments of a new, permanent position are a great advantage here.
  • Since the economic situation in Germany and Europe is anything but predictable in the years to come, a permanent, lucrative job that matches the applicant’s expectations is likely to be in high demand. outsourcing4work recognizes these positive aspects and incorporates them into the search for and approach to candidates.

Standing up to the shortage of skilled workers

Successful active sourcing involves many individual elements. At outsourcing4work, these include the efficient use of all available sourcing channels, the reliable control of the candidate identification and approach process, and a high level of communication competence. By combining the experience of our recruiting experts and our resources to a large network, we minimize the acute shortage of skilled workers in many industries and attract suitable candidates even if they are currently employed.

Note: active sourcing at outsourcing4work has nothing to do with a type of “head-hunter shooting”. We would never try to lure anyone away from their current employer under false pretences. We instead want to create and demonstrate a situation that is positive for all parties involved.

A large pool of potential candidates

  • Active sourcing with the support of outsourcing4work means opening up personal contact with passive professionals and establishing an initial connection with the client company.This includes an analysis of an ideal approach to and accessibility of potential candidates and offers the most promising approach to such sourcing. Business network platforms and social media channels are one of many options to source suitable candidates. Even if there are millions of potential candidates to be found on XING, LinkedIn, etc., many people have not necessarily registered there just because they are looking for a new job.
  • Active sourcing specialists at outsourcing4work are experienced and trained in finding a suitable candidate and the best possible solution to fill a vacant position much quicker.

Start active sourcing now with outsourcing4work!

Are you looking for a suitable candidate for a permanent role within your company? Then active sourcing from outsourcing4work is the ideal solution for you. We will gladly explain the countless benefits of this recruitment method in a personal and, of course, free initial consultation. Contact us today – we look forward to getting to know you and your company!