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    Why You Need Active Sourcing

    Finding talented employees for hiring specialists or filling executive positions has become exceedingly challenging. In addition, relevant candidates may not apply to your vacancies through regular job portals. Furthermore, even in-house recruiters may need external support with high-level hirings.

    Solving all these problems and hiring effectively requires working knowledge of the position to develop a job description and advertise it. You may even face difficulties in hiring because professionals at this level are generally well-settled in their position and often not looking to make a lateral move. Active sourcing as a service is an effective way to approach, entice, and hire these passive professionals.

    What is Active Sourcing?

    Active sourcing is a promising contemporary method of hiring the right candidate for any job. It helps identify and recruit qualified professionals through targeted personal contacts, even when your ideal candidate is not actively looking for a job. Active recruitment services are a discreet and effective way to source highly qualified professionals.


    Why Active Sourcing is Ideal for Executive Roles   

    Hiring for executive roles is a different ball game. These professionals are scarce and generally hired through referrals or networking. They may be unwilling to switch because they are satisfied with their current positions.
    Besides, internal recruitment teams may lack the expertise and access to proper channels for hiring the right candidates to fill executive roles. Therefore, active sourcing tools are the best way to target, engage, and hire executive professionals successfully.


    Why Choose Outsourcing4work for Active Sourcing Recruitment

    Outsourcing4work is one of the most agile recruitment agencies in Germany. We have the experience and resources to approach professionals matching your recruitment criteria. Active candidate sourcing is a rising trend, and we are your ideal partner for it.

    Here is Why You Should Partner with Us:

    How Active Sourcing Works

    O4w operates closely with you to find and hire ideal employees. Every recruitment project is different and needs a tailored approach to manage its challenges. So, once you define your candidate requirements, our active sourcing managers develop a strategy to find a suitable candidate via active sourcing and fill the vacancy.

    Here’s how we do it:

    Channel Selection

    We identify and target appropriate job portals and professional networking channels to find highly qualified professionals.


    First Contact

    We contact potential candidates personally to inform them of the vacancy and share job details.


    Impression Management

    We also do employer branding and highlight why we think they would be a good match for this position.



    We conduct initial interviews with potential candidates and recommend shortlisted ones for your approval.


    Interview Scheduling

    We set up interviews of approved candidates with you and move the hiring process forward.

    Why Choose ASP.NET?

    Advantages of Active Sourcing

    benefits-icon Proactive recruitment approach
    benefits-icon Improved quality of hire
    benefits-icon Refined selection of sourcing channels
    benefits-icon Keyword-driven candidate search
    benefits-icon Reduced time-to-hire

    Our Candidates Package for Active Sourcing

    Among our other active sourcing packages, most clients prefer the Candidates Package to find the specialists and executives they need.


    Get our active sourcing services at a special price of €5000 for searching your ideal candidate. We share a guaranteed number of candidate profiles at a fixed cost after getting all the requirements for your vacancy.

    • layersCandidates Package €5000
    • checkmarkFixed cost for Single Role Search
    • checkmarkGuaranteed number of candidate profiles

    Connect with Outsourcing4work for Active Candidate Sourcing

    Hiring for strategic roles has its own particular set of demands that may push your in-house team’s limits. Don’t let these challenges prevent you from landing the best possible candidate.
    Let our expert recruiters find and hire highly qualified professionals for you through active sourcing.

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