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Python is a higher programming language whose code is much shorter when compared to other programming languages, which contributes to simplicity and clarity. One special trait about it is that in order to read it better, it does away with curved brackets to form code blocks, and instead its program structure is formed by indentations. The inventor of Python, the Dutch software developer Guido van Rossum, was not thinking of the snake when he named it, but rather the English comedy group Monty Python. The group with John Cleese performed until the 1990s – when Python competed with the successor of the programming language ABC – and created films such as “The Life of Brian” and the comedy show “Flying Circus”. The first full version of Python came onto the market in January 1994 and was named Python 1.0. Nowadays the programming language is used all over the world, and Python developers are highly sought after IT professionals worldwide.

Risk for companies::

external Python developers jeopardize projects

Python’s great advantage is that the language has a large standard library, making it suitable for many applications. The majority of it is platform-independent which enables larger Python programs to run on UNIX, Windows, Mac OS X and other platforms without modification. The modules in the standard library can be expanded with modules written in Python. The widespread use and simplicity of the language is also attractive to many inexperienced developers who offer their services. They overestimate their skills, believe that they are experts in the programming language after just a short time and take on projects without the relevant experience. Python developers need to work carefully and professionally so that schedules and project budgets are met and quality work is being done.

Some possible solutions are to hire a Python developer yourself and take on the disadvantages such as legal and financial obligations, a lack of flexibility and high fixed costs – or start a search for external Python developers and run the risk that you do not find any true professionals who can maintain your quality standards. Entire projects can be at risk.

The solution: we offer expert

Python developers to you

And this is where Outsourcing4work comes into play: we support clients in Europe with offshore Outsourcing. Different to other service providers, cost savings are not our main focus – although they are a very attractive added value for our clients. We see ourselves as a strategic partner for our clients and therefore professionalism, knowledge and quality come first and foremost. The knowledge of our employees contributes to the economic success of our clients – and is therefore the most important tool for customer loyalty. A win-win. For this reason Outsourcing4work only cooperates with reputable and renowned partner companies in India, the world’s largest Outsourcing market. Our partner companies on the subcontinent only employ excellently educated, experienced and permanent employees. We then provide these experts to you; perfect for your project, tailored to your requirements.

Companies that use our services enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Project managers who work in Europe and who speak German and English.
  • The project language is German or English, the project manager is accessible during European office and work hours.
  • The contracts are in German or English and are based in the European legal system.
  • Maximum flexibility for clients, because our Python developers are permanently employed at our Indian partner companies.
  • No administrative or social security obligations for clients. We take over the care of our Python developer.
  • Completely transparent business model. Only the time actually proven to be worked will be billed, or, alternatively, projects can be completed at a fixed price.
  • Continuous documentation of the goals reached and of the current project status.

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No matter what requirements you need a Python developer for, it’s worth a try with Outsourcing4work. With our knowledgeable staff, our attractive conditions and risk protection, you are definitely at an advantage. Briefly describe your needs to us and we will give you the options best suited for your purpose. We look forward to your call!