PostgreSQL developers create

efficient databases

While the World Wide Web developed more and more, interest in databases also grew – and PostgreSQL is an especially powerful and reliable database management system. PostgreSQL developers work with this object-relational database management system which is available as an open source program and has various interfaces – including ODBC and JDBC. PostgreSQL was originally developed as a university project at the University of California, Berkeley. Since then, many PostgreSQL developers around the world have continued to work on and refined the code.

What makes the work of PostgreSQL developers


In 1996 PostgreSQL received its current name. For a PostgreSQL developer, it is one of the most advanced and innovative open source database systems. It is also very versatile: PostgreSQL supports SQL92 and SQL99 standards, and also offers a number of its own extensions.

As an object-relational database system PostgreSQL stores non-atomic data, inheritance and object identities, and allows the user to extend the system to self-defined data types, operators and functions. In addition, PostgreSQL’s strengths also include supporting referential integrity and advanced transaction management, as well as defining triggers and rules which can be used to control access to the database objects.

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