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PHPFox | Professional Developers are available for hire | O4w

With the commercial social media software phpFox you can create various community websites with network functionality. phpFox developers are IT specialists across various industries when it comes to the development of social networking sites, whether the site is internal for the cooperation of the employees, a so-called “educational network” for schools or universities or for private or public interest groups focused on a specific topic or interest.

Which phpFox developer will meet your specific needs?

Your individual social networking website represents your company and the quality of your products or services. This is regardless of whether it is intended for internal use within your company or externally for your customers.

A professional phpFox developer can create entire communities for you to share events, start discussions, or share photos, videos and music through your website. Do you also want a blog? An experienced software developer can do this for you too – and with additional features and applications that make your site special and unique.

You should never compromise in the implementation of your personal ideas and the requirements for your social networking sites. When selecting the right phpFox developer make sure the focus is on their professionalism, education and experience. Only a high qualified developer will develop the pages for your employees and/or customers which are visually appealing, easy to use and will win them over.

We offer you all the benefits of IT Outsourcing at low rates

If you are worrying how much such a phpFox developer will cost, then we can reassure you. You will not need to permanently employ this developer in your company and the deal with the related social security and insurance matters, nor must you spend an eternity on the internet searching for the best offer from a freelancer or other providers.

We at Outsourcing4work offer you a business model of IT Outsourcing that is tailored exactly to your needs as a small or medium-sized enterprise: Outsourcing made in Germany. This includes persuasive rates and service benefits with absolute transparency and risk reduction.

You will find the right phpFox developer with us, who are ideal for your projects thanks to their education (computer science degree) and their many years of experience in international projects (minimum of three years).

We also provide you with a European project manager who can be reached during European business hours, and who can give you an overview of your project’s process at any time. Your project manager is in direct contact with the Indian phpFox developer through the duration of your contract, and ensures uninterrupted communication.

You can also rely on the reliability and the legal certainty of a European contract in German or English. Along with the flexibility we can provide thanks to our various billing options (project at a fixed price, developer on a temporary basis or as a dedicated employee), we also offer IT Outsourcing at conditions that you will hardly find anywhere else.

We look forward to your call

Just give us a call or contact us through our website! We will give you detailed insight into how Outsourcing4work can help you welcome your own highly qualified phpFox developer for your social networking website into your team!