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What is especially exciting about the online shop system osCommerce (online merchant) are the other online alternatives for smaller companies and retailers. The open source e-commerce system was developed in 2000 and is continually further developed by osCommerce developers in the open source community.

Retailers can create and manage their own online shop with osCommerce, with minimal effort and at no additional cost. osCommerce runs on any PHP and MySQL webserver, and on webservers with operating systems like Linux, Solaris, BSD, Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX.

Individuality and SEO

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Online shops should be individual, search engine optimized and user-friendly so that they attract customers and the retailer can successfully sell products through them. They need to stand out from the crowd and show their products at their best. It’s best to use an expert because “homemade” shops are easily spotted.

Excellent osCommerce developers will do it for you! They work focused and reliably to ensure that your online shop works perfectly and that it is a successful Internet showcase of your company and your products. You can rely on this osCommerce developer because they understand your business and product catalogue – they know exactly how to bring your offers into being.

Benefit with outsourcing made in germany. – without risk!

If you hire an osCommerce developer with outsourcing4work, you will not take on any additional risks. On the contrary! You will avoid the risks that you would normally take on if you hired a unknown freelancer through the internet for your online shop. You are never on the safe side with freelancers!

outsourcing made in Germany will also relieve you of any insurance or social security obligations and costs that you would encounter when hiring an osCommerce developer. The software developers that we provide from our reputable Indian partner companies are permanently employed there. We take care of all administrative duties. And you will only be charged the actual working time of the developer – it doesn’t get more affordable and transparent for you as a client!

You will remain flexible and focused on your project and on your online shop. You can relax knowing that a knowledgeable osCommerce developer from the largest outsourcing market in the world is working for you. Our developers have successfully completed a computer science degree and have at least three years of international experience in similar projects.

You can be certain that you will be kept up to date by a European project manager on the software developer’s work and how the project is progressing. You can always get in touch with them during European business hours and they will give you information on the progress of your online shop.

You can rely on our contracts which are in German or English, and which are based under the European legal system.

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Get in touch with us by email or telephone. Don’t miss out on the chance of soon having a successful osCommerce online shop – thanks to an osCommerce developer from outsourcing4work! We will gladly assist you and will respond to you quickly to guide you through the process.