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Orchard is a free, open source content management framework and a content management system that was developed by a group of developers as a project from the Microsoft Outercurve Foundation. It is based on the .NET platform and grows every day thanks to the developments and innovative ideas of its global community.

Its strengths are, among others, its impressive flexibility for Orchard CMS developers, which is shown in the creation of custom content items supported natively, without installing any dubious plugins.

Qualified Orchard CMS developers don’t grow on trees

If a large community exists for a specific software, it can be difficult for clients to judge how qualified a developer actually is for the project. Many software developers advertise their services on the internet who perhaps develop software for home use at best. Whether or not such a freelancer has the experience and training to knowledgeably support the implementation of your project is more than questionable.

The qualified Orchard CMS developer that you want to have on your team is a real team player and brings their own ideas and suggestions to the table. They have another perspective than you do as the client, and enrich your cooperation with their large amount of experience and their perspective in the practical testing of your software.

It will succeed with our support

Become a client of Outsourcing4work and benefit from the Orchard CMS developers from our partner companies in the world’s largest Outsourcing company in the world, India – you will be impressed!

These software developers won’t only integrate perfectly into your European team, they will be disciplined and reliable to ensure the sustained success of your project! They all have at least three years of international project experience and have successfully completed a degree in computer science. You will receive the quality that you are used to in Europe.

Our business model of Outsourcing made in germany. offers you significant risk reduction, in addition to a clear cost advantage. You decide which model best suits your project: you can hire an entire team for your complete project, or you can hire an Orchard CMS developer as a temporary employee or as a dedicated employee to work on your project.  You will save yourself the hassle of dealing with social and legal issues that normally arise when hiring a developer.

Clarity and transparency are some of the values that we pay close attention to in all aspects of our cooperation. For this reason, all of our contracts are written in German or English, and leave no room for misunderstandings because they are under the European legal system. In addition, there will be a European project manager by your side who will be available during European office hours.

Just call us

Are you interested and would like to learn more about what we at Outsourcing4work can offer? Then get in touch with us and you can soon have an overview of how you can find the right Orchard CMS developer for your project! Let this be the start of a wonderful cooperation!