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Open Source developers are the brains behind “open source” software, i.e. the open source program code that is readable and also free for everyone. These dedicated developers chose Open Source primarily because they want to either involve other developers in their projects or want to further publicize their work in the community.

More and more companies use the enthusiasm and innovation of Open Source developers, especially for the development of new software. Ultimately you can now find open source software everywhere, whether on a smartphone in the form of Android, or as the Linux operating system of the most powerful supercomputer.

What makes Open-source developers so unique?

What all of these software developers have in common is their seemingly boundless enthusiasm and the drive to find new solutions for various problems. In the community every Open Source developer benefits from the advice and ideas of others, which makes them unbeatable team players.

Excellent Open Source developers support, improve and implement the appropriate software for you, keeping it constantly up to date, which can mean a great advantage for you over your competitors. This applies to any external or internal processes of a company across all sectors, such as in the fields of health care, travel, real estate or e-commerce.

You will get value for money with us

The days when only large companies could benefit from IT Outsourcing are gone. Our business model Outsourcing made in Germany works especially efficiently for small and medium-sized enterprises.

We combine the qualities of a European-based service provider with the cost advantages of highly trained software developers from the world’s largest Outsourcing-market: India. Many of them already began to specialize in the development of Open Source during their degree, and work in this area every day.

To ensure that you only receive the best software developers, we select them carefully from our Indian professionals. This means that we work closely with our reputable local partners so that we can offer you a software developer that will fit your specific requirements. We also expect the developer to meet specific criteria. These criteria include “soft skills” such as reliability and are highly focused on the customer, in addition to many years of experience on similar international projects.

And you won’t need to learn Hindi! A European project manager will help and assist you during European office hours, and will keep in regular contact with the Open Source developer. They are your contact person and your direct link to India.

Enjoy flexibility and security that you would be hard-pressed to find with another provider. You decide if you would like to hire an entire team or an individual developer on a temporary basis, or as dedicated permanent employees. We offer you contracts in German or English which are based in the European legal system.

We are happy to give you more information

Regardless for which project you need an Open Source developer, we can advise you on how you can best benefit from our attractive conditions. Briefly describe your needs to us and we will offer you the best options for your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.