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LAMP developers are true jacks of all trades

LAMP is the name for an open source web development program, or “Web Stack” for the creation of dynamic websites. The name comes from the first letter of its components: Linux (operating system), Apache (Web server), MySQL (database) and PHP (object-oriented scripting language, also Perl or Python).

This open source program combination is especially well-loved by LAMP developers thanks to its general high code quality, the comprehensive community support and the wide dissemination which other developers and users can benefit from.

What LAMP developers have up their sleeves

If you want a modern website for your business, that implements functions such as full text searches, sitemap generators, print report generators or online shops, then you need a developer who is familiar with dynamic websites.

Your perfect LAMP developer should combine these qualities; they should be very well educated and have sufficient experience in Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. They apply their knowledge to your project and implement it as close to your wishes and current circumstances as possible.

You also need to be able to fully depend on them- even in the future! Your website should be written to be so stable that everything still runs perfectly after the contract comes to an end. This also applies to the security of your data which is entered or obtained through the website.

Your benefits thanks to our business model Outsourcing made in germany.

Become a client of Outsourcing4work and you will soon benefit from the LAMP developers from our partner companies in the world’s largest Outsourcing company in the world, India – you will be impressed!

These software developers won’t only integrate perfectly into your European team, they will be disciplined and reliable to ensure the sustained success of your project! They all have at least three years of international project experience and have successfully completed a degree in computer science. You will receive the quality that you are used to in Europe – even though the LAMP developer is actually working on your project in India.

Our business model of Outsourcing made in germany. offers you significant risk reduction, in addition to a clear cost advantage. You choose the model that suits you best: depending on the requirements of your project, we can provide you with an entire team for a specific project at a fixed-price, or you can hire a LAMP developer to work either as a temporary employee or dedicated as a permanent employee for you. In each of these alternatives you won’t need to concern yourself with any social security or work rights that generally arise when hiring an employee at your company.

Clarity and transparency are some of the values that we pay close attention to in all aspects of our cooperation. For this reason, all of our contracts are written in German or English, and leave no room for misunderstandings because they are under the European legal system. In addition, there will be a European project manager by your side who will be available during European office hours.

We are happy to give you more information

Interested? Get in touch with us via email or on the phone, and give us a brief description of your project. We can then quickly let you know how you can benefit from the impressive advantages of Outsourcing made in germany.