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Hire jQuery developers on-demand

The free and extremely comprehensive JavaScript library jQuery was developed by John Resig in 2006, and today is the world’s most widely used JavaScript framework. Later developments are thanks to the enthusiastic jQuery developers in community, who further develop and maintain the library every day.

With this framework, extensive class libraries can be created which enable easier access to the DOM. In addition, the source code can be massively reduced by using jQuery for applications which are created with JavaScript.

jQuery developers are coveted and cross-project specialists

Highly trained software developers are not easy to find, despite the large jQuery community. Permanently employing these specialists generally leads to high fixed costs and administrative obligations that you would rather not burden yourself with.

When using freelancers from the internet a client cannot know who the freelancer really is, and if they can be relied upon to deliver the promised results at the required professional standards. If there are problems with the software later, the freelancer is already long gone.

We bring you a step closer to your goals

You will find the solution with us. At Outsourcing4work we offer you many convincing advantages that you will hardly be able to find anywhere else. With our business model of Outsourcing made in germany. you will receive excellent cost savings and flexibility, as well as legal transparency and security. You will get access to a virtually inexhaustible pool of software developer experts with us.

Outsourcing4work can help you find well suited and motivated developers for your software project. We will provide you with an Indian jQuery developer to work on your project, one who is highly educated (degree in computer science) and who already has at least three years of experience in similar international projects. The developer will have proven team work ability and reliability in their work, which will enable them to quickly integrate into your team and will quickly convince you of the quality of their work.

The project language is German or English. You can therefore communicate as needed with a German and English speaking project manager who is available during European business hours and who will always keep you up to date on the work of the software developer. You will not encounter any misunderstandings during collaboration.

Depending on the size of your project you can hire a jQuery developer on an hourly basis or dedicated, as a permanent employee. You will only be charged for the productive working time, and you will not need to pay for downtimes such as breaks, holidays, and sickness. We can also offer you an entire team at a fixed rate for an entire project.

To ensure that the cooperation over distance is problem-free, our experienced project managers will coordinate all the software developers involved. Contracts are concluded with us in German or English, which will provide you with additional legal certainty.

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We want to support you in the decision for the right jQuery developer. Call us or write us. We would like to know more about you, your company and your employee needs. Once you have given us a brief description of what you need, we will quickly respond with a first-class, reliable response.