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Find a Freelance Java Developer on Outsourcing4work

Java is used for many different applications and is one of the most widely used programming languages. It is not platform dependant and runs on all common operating systems. From well-known web applications, like large messaging or email systems, to various desktop applications, and the connection (although it is only in its initial phase) of numerous devices and clients, the so-called Internet of Things, – it spans the spectrum of a truly universal technology.

Java developers are therefore needed in most IT companies whose IT use goes beyond the usual. Due to the great need for developers and the constant further development, a skilled and affordable Java developer is hard to find. If you also require specialist knowledge in various high-tech applications, the search can then become even more difficult and time-consuming. Clients are also often forced to spend considerable financial resources on a Java developer who can meet all their requirements.

Find Java developers and benefit from their work

To solve these problems, Outsourcing4work has developed the unique concept of ‘Outsourcing made in Germany’. It allows clients to select excellent, well-qualified Java developers from a large pool of employees who can work on individual project or for longer periods of time.

This is made possible through the good business relations between Outsourcing4work and its renowned partner companies in India, the world’s largest Outsourcing-market. With their help Outsourcing4work is able to provide a Java developer, even at short notice, who has specialist knowledge and extensive experience.

And because Outsourcing requires perfect administration, in addition to knowledgeable developers, ‘Outsourcing made in Germany’ also takes over the complete organisational support and comprehensive risk protection for our clients.

Outsourcing: secure, reliable, affordable

Outsourcing4work has continuously developed its processes and services since it was founded nearly twenty years ago, in order to establish Outsourcing as a viable option for software development in Europe. This has resulted in a complete service package with the advantage of close and hassle-free cooperation, combined with the excellent value of offshore Outsourcing. It includes, among other benefits:

  • Direct cooperation between client and an established German company
  • Contracts in German or English, project languages in German or English and European legal protection
  • Project managers who speak German, English and some Hindi, and who ensure smooth and efficient communication with the employees in India. They serve as a point of direct contact for our clients and are responsible for the success of all projects.
  • And last but not least, rates that are significantly lower than those in Europe, but are still fair and create good working conditions for the Indian Java developers

Act now, don’t wait

If you need a Java developer for your next project or for a long-term task, we are happy to suggest suitable candidates. Send us a brief description of what you need. We’ll then let you know which of our employee profiles fit your needs. We have many suitable Java developers – the choice is yours.

You will find knowledgeable and experienced developers who will fit seamlessly into your company and your team, thanks to our support. Try it for free! We look forward to your call or email.