IT outsourcing offshore: rates and transparency

From € 15 / hour

Complete rate clarity

IT Outsourcing at 100% transparent rates

Thousands of software developers are available to us, exclusively permanent employees with a university degree in computer science and at least three years of work experience. We offer their services at very competitive prices, either for work with our clients in Europe or offshore in India.

Our rates are based on three criteria:

  1. On-site or offshore?
  2. What technology?
  3. What is the length of the project?

At Outsourcing4work you either set a fixed price for your project, or we agree on an hourly price for your software developers before work begins. For time-based invoicing, you will receive a to-the-minute account of the work. Our employees use a web-based time attendance software which periodically takes screenshots and provides information on the progress achieved at any time to users and clients.

This is how we calculate the productive time in our invoice. Breaks, time off, sick days or holidays are not at your expense. With Outsourcing4work, you only pay for the actual work done by your software developer.

Interested? Tell us a bit about your project, and within 24 hours you will know if your project is suitable for Outsourcing by software development. Free of charge and without obligation.