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IT infrastructure outsourcing provides expert services at O4w.

Technologies and economic requirements are developing faster and faster. What was considered innovative yesterday needs to be updated with new features today, and what was planned for tomorrow is already inadequate. This applies in particular to the IT infrastructure of companies and organisations. Their need has increased for consulting and services that take into account their individual processes and issues, rather than simply offering them standard service packages.

Ensure quality, increase efficiency:

IT infrastructure management from Outsourcing4work

IT infrastructure should be made more flexible and powerful through shorter update cycles and the use of software and hardware. At the same time, budgets are being reduced and there are fewer and fewer internal employees for the management of IT infrastructure.

Outsourcing4work resolves this apparent contradiction with convincing concepts. With close to 20 years of experience on the market, as well as our access to the world’s largest pool of IT experts in India, we are able to find right support for your task. From work on individual projects up to long-term and comprehensive management of entire IT infrastructure, Outsourcing4work offers you a full range of high quality services. We ensure that you and your technology are ready in the mid and long term for the challenges of your core business.

For all cases: with Outsourcing4work you solve every task

Outsourcing4work’s service portfolio includes all necessary IT infrastructure management services. In particular:

Data Centre Management

Data centres are some of the critical areas of many companies. They must operate smoothly and require continuously improved protection against sophisticated unauthorized access- a task for real specialists. Our services include cloud services, security services, troubleshooting, data backup and data recovery.

IT risk and security management

Risk and security issue are some of the most important cost drivers in the operation of data centres, and at the same time they are of high economic relevance to its users. Therefore, it’s even more important to have sound consultation and sustainable and effective strategies.

Enterprise security solutions

In addition to data centres, many other companies also rely on powerful Enterprise Security solutions. Due to the variety of competing technologies and providers with a wide range of requirements for implementation and operation, even IT professionals can be quickly overwhelmed. Rely on the experts at Outsourcing4work and benefit from maximum security at minimal costs!

IT forensics

Despite strict security precautions, unnoticed data outflows and unauthorized interference with the IT infrastructure can be never completely ruled out. Resolving these issues is an absolutely indispensable IT infrastructure service. The experts at Outsourcing4work will support you professionally, discreetly and efficiently.

Window migrations

The release of Microsoft’s latest Windows version increases the pressure on companies that use older operating systems to replace them. With the help of Outsourcing4work you can succeed in this update without any unpleasant surprises and during operation.

Helpdesk Services

Our helpdesk services will help you solve any IT problems. Knowledgeable experts answer your questions during or outside regular office hours and allow you to avoid expensive downtimes in your IT infrastructure.

Remote IT infrastructure management

State of the art IT only works if it runs smoothly. It should enable our clients to concentrate on their core business, not become their core business. Therefore we monitor, manage and maintain your IT infrastructure largely externally, without any or with minimum downtime and interruptions.

Always on the safe side with

IT infrastructure management from Outsourcing4work

Besides the establishment and the operation of advanced hardware and software, we place great importance on the best possible use of existing IT infrastructure. Information technology binds capital, which often must be generated again in a very short time. The interaction of our perfectly coordinated services ensures its success:

  • Strengths and weakness analysis and the development of improvement suggestions which enables a rapid increase in productivity and efficiency.
  • We integrate best practices and processes into the IT infrastructure of our clients and perform specific changes which lead to productivity or security gains.
  • This lets us avoid any possible adverse effects during the transition period.
  • The budgets and goals of our clients are the cornerstone of our business.
  • We integrate existing and new systems where possible.
  • We perform regularly needed updates and upgrades for all components managed by us. In this way we ensure that they always work reliably and reduce the risks that that come with obsolete systems and later necessary, profound modernisation.
  • In the interest of our customers, we work with powerful tools and technology.
  • We proactively monitor the operation of their IT infrastructure and take care of deviations from normal operation before they cause real problems.
  • With maintenance and services from outside, and our concept of Outsourcing made in germany., we reduce the costs of IT infrastructure management.

Outsourcing made in Germany

the advantages for our clients

With the combination of offshore Outsourcing with the reliable services of an established company, we offer unique advantages to our customers and at the same time protect them from risks.

  • Highly qualified and experienced experts.
  • Flexible capacity and convenient billing models.
  • No cultural or linguistic barriers, no impacts due to the different time zones.
  • German or English as the project language.
  • German or English contracts and the security of the European legal system.

For our customers this means the best service with comprehensive risk protection on attractive terms.