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Unscheduled IT infrastructure outages can lead to high costs for many companies. An efficient IT helpdesk can significantly reduce these costs.   It requires knowledgeable specialists who can quickly detect problems, develop efficient solutions and use them to help users.  Outsourcing4work’s IT helpdesk employees have the necessary knowledge and experience to assist you with support and advice.

Security at any time: IT helpdesk services

offer support and fast help

Outsourcing4work understands the importance of smooth processes, especially when correcting irregularities in IT operations. Short reaction times and working solutions positively affect the work processes of the user, and also often enough for their acceptance of new or existing solutions. Therefore, Outsourcing4work’s IT helpdesk employs specialists in different fields and for a variety of tasks.

  1. Telecommunication support

Telecommunications is a key success factor for most companies. Internal and external communications, logistics, production, sales, and customer service can’t exist without trouble-free telecommunications. If problems arise at one point, they immediately affect numerous up and downstream processes. The quick help of an IT helpdesk is then needed. Our employees offer

  • Level 1
    • Chat, email and internet
    • Function and operation
    • Configuration and installation
  • Level 2
    • Troubleshooting connectivity issues
    • Troubleshoot connectivity issues by coordinating the technician on site
  1. Technical assistance

Professionally used hardware and software are becoming more and more complex. The facilities of modern companies – ranging from the fully equipped data centre and company-wide enterprise systems, to mobile devices and niche solutions and the daily issues of the user, are equally as diverse. Whatever your need, your IT helpdesk from Outsourcing4work knows the answers.

  • Level 1
    • Call recording
    • Conversation escalation
    • Information collection
    • Redirection of script-driven solutions
  • Level 2
    • Problem identification and isolation
    • Consulting and creating policies for the use of different systems
    • Escalation management
    • Updates and upgrades of databases
    • Advice on step-by-step troubleshooting
    • Support for the usage of various software from different manufacturers
  1. Remote IT Support Services

With remote maintenance, our highly trained staff can work on many jobs without significantly affecting of your daily business. To protect of your data and your infrastructure we use 256 bit encrypted connections and secure environments. They enable us, among other things, to:

    • Help with administration of Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems
    • Remotely install enterprise software
    • Conduct remote maintenance and the administration of servers
    • Configure routers and firewalls
    • Install servers and maintain them
    • Manage desktop interfaces

IT helpdesk services from Outsourcing4work:

advantages that convince

Outsourcing4work offers every customer tailored solutions. In combination with our unique concept of “Outsourcing made in germany.” they generate more benefits and minimize the risks that other providers often consider inevitable. Benefit with Outsourcing4work from:

  • Legal certainty and European contracts with an established European company.
  • European project managers who will ensure a smooth cooperation with our renowned partners in India.
  • 24/7 IT helpdesk support by trained and experienced specialists.
  • A German and English speaking contact person for any interruption in your IT infrastructure
  • State of the art IT help desk software.
  • Strict security precautions to protect your sensitive data and systems and the confidential processing of all requests.
  • Platform-independent IT helpdesk support for Internet, voice communication and IT.
  • Proven escalation processes.
  • Highest scalability according to your needs.
  • Resilient IT helpdesk infrastructure.
  • Fast and effective solutions for all problems.
  • Attractive and cost effective service level agreements.

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Our experienced employees will handle all your requests promptly and in a solution-oriented manner. They will also develop support and contingency plans with you, and prevent or keep the failure of your IT to the absolute minimum. We avoid IT problems. Or we solve them.

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