More security for companies

with an ISTQB certified tester

When a new program is introduced to the market it must work flawlessly – otherwise the software company will be facing a major problem. Software testers then come into play to help prevent a “worst case scenario”. They test the software before delivery to the client for all possible errors and ensure good performance. In order for companies to be sure that their software test takes place using a standardized format, the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) is a non-profit certification body for software testers, which is comprised of active volunteer experts. Its aim is to establish a standardized training for professional software testers. There is now a recognized certification: an ISTQB certified tester.

ISTQB certified testers help you test for quality

The more qualified a software tester, the more secure the operation of the program. Our experienced ISTQB testers will find the vulnerabilities and eliminate them before the software is released. It’s a very important service for our clients, one which ensures the quality of their products and protects their reputation.

For a software test carried out by an ISTQB certified tester we offer the following services:

  • Security test
  • Performance test
  • Manual test service
  • Unit test
  • Compatibility test
  • and many more

Software tests provide information about the quality of the program. Previously defined quality levels serve as a benchmark to determine the error. Their effects are then avoided during operation. Our ISTQB certified tester will obtain the real quality through the results of various techniques, which is a requirement for the release of operations.

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