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Informix is a commercial IBM database management system for companies, which was developed in 1984. Its strengths lie in its reliability, low administration and the fact it can be embedded well into the hardware.

Security is also an important topic for Informix developers, a topic which can no longer be ignored. As the client you will ultimately need to be able to rely on your developer to secure your and your customers’ and employees’ sensitive data in those databases, and to protect it from hackers.

Your team is only complete with an Informix developer

The search for an Informix developer is not always easy if you are looking for a developer for a specific project, and do not or cannot hire anyone permanently. If this case, you often need to hire a freelancer from the internet, and buy ‘a pig in a poke’. This can have devastating consequences for an IT project.

The right Informix developer will fit well into your team and will proactively work throughout the implementation. They will bring their own ideas and concepts with them, but will keep your concept, your deadline and your success in mind. They understand what you would like to achieve with your project.

Their reliable work won’t replace anyone else in your team. Even if you already have Informix databases, an Informix developer can increase the security of your data, and the integrity and efficiency of your databases through assigning user rights and creating constraints.

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Your company and your specific project will only be able to succeed if IT security is a priority. The first step towards this is finding a suitable Informix developer who will make sure that your databases are secure.

We will introduce you to exactly the right developer for this job with significant cost benefits! They are highly qualified and motivated to achieve the best for you and your project, and see themselves as a member of your team. They know how important reliability and communication are.

These developers are not faceless figures from the internet – like freelancers who can disappear without warning – and we guarantee you that they are permanently employed at our partner companies. They are also highly educated (computer science degree) and have international experience (at least three years project experience). You will have a European project manager available to you during European business hours, and who will keep you up to speed on the progress of your Informix developer’s work.

Transparency and communication are a top priority with us at Outsourcing4work. This starts with our contracts, which are written in German or English and which are based in the European legal system. You can choose if you would like to book a project at a fixed price, or if you would prefer a temporary employee, or a dedicated employee who only works for your project.

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