IBM Db2 Developer : Get now for your Database reliability !

IBM Developer – Secure Your Data

DB2 is a commercial relational database management system (RDBMS) which IBM offers for various platforms. Since it began in the 1970s, IBM DB2 developers still use it as an embedded database system.

It has proven to be particularly useful to companies as it is well-suited to handle the demanding workloads of large and mid-sized company servers, and can reduce the costs for administration, storage and servers at the same time.

Find the right IBM DB2 developer and save costs

This is easier said than done.

The upmost care needs to be taken with your company’s database management due to the company sensitive data which should not fall into the wrong hands. Your customers are becoming more and more attentive to what happens with their data, where it is stored and if it is sufficiently protected.

The same applies to selecting the DB2 developer who is in charge of creating databases according to your company’s needs. The following points should be kept in mind: security, reliability, compatibility and speed.

You need databases which let you reliably access the stored information and work with them according to your requirements. Any new solutions that your IBM DB2 developer creates for you will need to perfectly fit in with your existing infrastructure. In addition, your database will need to run quickly.

And ultimately you cannot forget about the cost!

We have the solution for you: software developers from India

You as a European company can reduce your risk by taking advantage of external and permanently employed IBM DB2 developers from India. They have the current level of expertise and the necessary soft skills to make your project a success.

The developers we would like to introduce you to can be hired flexibly according to the needs of your project: as a temporary or dedicated employee. We only bill you for the actual working time of the developer based on our time billing software. We also offer you the opportunity to hire a full team as a branch (light).

We provide you with exceptionally highly qualified IBM DB2 developers with a computer science degree and who have at least three years of experience in international projects.  They are used to working in international teams and for foreign clients.

A German and English speaking project manager will be by your side from beginning to end and will be available during European office hours. They will be your personal contact, which means you will not need to have any foreign language skills to communicate your requirements and concerns to the developer in India.

We place high importance in transparency and reliability in our business model, which you can expect from us as a European company. Our contracts are written in German or English and are based in the European legal system.

Just call us

We are happy to consult with you to see that your project is a success! You will find a suitable IBM DB2 developer through us who will soon create your databases that will meet your needs. Get in touch with us by email or telephone today.